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‘ ‘Girlfriend’ is a personal experience’ Ruger reveals on Apple Music African Now Radio

“I don’t know but I feel like if they don’t hear anything from you in a while they feel like “Where’s Ruger?” ” Ruger replied.

Ruger went further to reveal that he puts a lot of originality and honesty in his music. “Listeners need to know that whenever Ruger comes through, it’s always a 100% vibe so these songs are very personal songs to me – ‘Girlfriend’ is a personal song, ‘WeWe’ is a personal song, and ‘Warning’ is also a personal song – it’s just me stating about my personal experiences, and people who can relate to what I’m talking about, can relate,” he told Dada Boy Ehiz.

The success of his second EP and the acceptance of the recently released deluxe wasn’t lost on him and Ruger doesn’t take the love and patronage for granted.

“I feel like these songs are going to go very far, I’m proud of what I’ve done in the studio and I’m thankful for everyone supporting me in every little way they can. I’ll keep giving my best,” he said expressing his gratitude to listeners and fans who show up in their numbers to watch him perform.

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