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Ghana: Academics upset as judges question lecturer for not wearing suit

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Some academics in Ghana are upset over a development that took place in the country’s Supreme Court hearing a petition against the conduct of the December 7, 2020 presidential election.

After the cross examination of the second witness for the petitioner, the ex-president John Mahama, some of the judges at the apex court questioned Dr. Kpesa Whyte who is a lecturer at the University of Ghana, why he did not wear suit to the court.

They suggested to him to wear suit in his next appearance in court since that befits his status as a lecturer.

But some members of the academic community have resorted to social media to criticize the said justices.

In a Facebook post, political science Professor Ransford Gyampo said the comments are in bad taste.

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“What did the judge mean by “we are raising the status of lecturers”? Are lecturers who teach people to become judges that low in status? With respect, and in all humility, it is the case that some lecturers have better statuses than some judges” he said.

Prof. Gyampoh described the suggestion for the wearing of suits to court as a colonial mentality, adding that “No nation anywhere in the world develops without its own culture, and culture is simply a way a group of people live and dress.”

There were other Ghanaians who equally responded angrily to the comments from the judges.

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Some considered it primitive to think wearing a suit is the only appropriate way of looking presentable in court.

Lead counsel for the petitioner, Mr. Tsatsu Tsikata also shot down the advice of the judges as he also sees no reason why the witness’ dress code should be discouraged.


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