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Fulani Terrorists: Yorubas Are Not Your Brothers, We Are Not Your Keepers! By Bayo Oluwasanmi

Recently, Governors Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos and Nyesom Wike of Rivers said the VAT collected in their respective states would no more be sent to Abuja.

Reacting to the statement, the Gombe State Commissioner for Finance and Economic Creation, Muhammad Magaji said “The realisation was that only Lagos, Rivers and probably Delta States would be able to pull through without the VAT administered centrally, and it is our appeal that we all put sentiments behind and work towards a federation that is one, by being our brothers’ keepers…”

How can we be our Fulani brothers’ keeper? Brotherhood is a demonstration of love, respect, support, and empathy. It is irrelevant whether or not the Fulanis are of Yoruba’s blood. We can make a bond just as strong even without the literal ceremony of being blood brothers. But Fulani terrorists have have made our friendship impossible. Fulani terrorists have proved beyond all doubts that they are enemies of Yorubas. They are killers. They are rapists. They are kidnappers. They are ready to snuff us out of existence. 

Without any wish to be immodest, of all the ethnic groups in Nigeria, Yorubas are the most liberal, kind, generous, warm, accommodating, helpful, and loving especially to strangers. Ironically, the Fulanis have exploited this to a great advantage. Indeed, they have taken our civility and civilization as weakness and stupidity. They have taken us for granted and for a long ride! If the scope and size of terrorism that Fulani terrorists unleashed on Yorubas were meted to Fulanis, Nigeria would have been set ablaze by Fulanis. 

How can we be your brothers when you rape and kill our daughters, mothers, and wives? How can we be your brothers when you kidnap our brothers, sisters, fathers, and kill them even after hefty ransoms have been paid? How can we be your brothers when you have destroyed our children and our civilization? We can’t be your brothers after you have turned our land into slaughtering field. 

How can we be your keeper when you have violently violated all our freedoms? How can we be your keeper when you have turned us into prisoners and refugees in our own land because of your violence and killings? How can we be your keeper when you have made our communities unsafe and unlivable? How can we be your keeper when you have disrupted and disbanded our humanity? When has any Fulani work for a true federalism? Now that you want our VAT you want us to “put all sentiments behind and work towards a federation that is one…” We are no fools. We understand your language. Your bait of carrot and sticks won’t work any more. You have shot your self in the foot. 

You – Fulani terrorists – have cheapened our lives. You have punctured the sanctity of our lives. You have taken away the sacred dimension of every minute of our human existence. “Be your brothers’ keepers” is a haunting question that will continue to torment you. It challenges you to examine your evil ways. It’s a call to halt your insatiable appetite for killing your fellow citizens. For the evils done to us we are not your brothers. You’re not our brothers. We are not your keepers! How dare you soliciting for our brotherly love? Go away with your blood invitation! Away with your fake love of brotherhood. We have nothing in common with blood thirsty savages. We are done with you! 

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