Former fortress in Cape Verde ready for redevelopment

Built 200 years ago to defend Cape Verde from pirates, the Duque de Bragança Fort on the islet of Sal Rei, one kilometre from the island of Boa Vista, now lies abandoned.

But it may soon be restored to its former glory and start receiving regular visits.

This is the wish of the mayor of Boa Vista, Cláudio Mendonça, but there is work to be done in terms of accessibility.

“It’s an historical site, and as such it has its potential. We have to create conditions to reach the (Forte) Duque (de Bragança), like small boats. At the moment we are working on opening a nautical school, allowing greater circulation between the city and the islet, allowing better access for people, leisure conditions, visiting conditions and also better conditions for study and scientific research” announced Cláudio Mendonça, Mayor of Boa Vista island.

In 2019 the government authorised the redevelopment of the fort into a museum. The project however was put on hold due to Covid-19.

An idea that the local administration now wants to resume.

Sourced from Africanews

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