Finish the job!

By Jennifer Fierberg

It has been nearly 10 days of tense negotiation at the UN in order to solidify a strong Arms Trade Treaty that will protect human lives across the world. Between legal scrubbing, lobbying, educating, connecting and making sure everyone’s needs are met there is still a large gap where the lives of millions of people remain at risk.

World leaders and their delegations are getting down to the business of closing loopholes but there is still a dire need for stronger language in the area of diversions, ammunitions as well as gender based violence and child soldiers. The last two issues have yet to make it into the treaty and if this treaty is granted without the issues of child soldiers or gender based violence being a part of it then the world will leave millions of the most vulnerable citizens prey to those who seek to do harm.

Vision Gram International is committed to lobbying for these issues and has committed their mission as an organization to assisting and supporting those who have been victims of these two heinous crimes against humanity. Victor Amisi, founder and executive director of Vision Gram, and various other members of his team have attended to the process of the development of this treaty since it began in 2006. They are busy meeting with the delegation from the Democratic Republic of Congo, The International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect as well as various other groups in order secure the language and needs of the unheard victims of illegal arms trade.

With only 24 hours left in the treaty negotiations there has been some progress but also so many challenges remain. Many believe and Arms Trade Treaty will be reached but much speculation remains as to how strong the language will be. It is a historic time for the world and for the international community and a strong Arms Trade Treaty with language that seeks to stop the illegal trade of arms will better the world in remarkable ways.

We ask that all delegates and groups push for stronger language on diversions, ammunitions, gender-based violence and child soldiers!

The world needs a strong Arms Trade Treaty…….FINISH THE JOB!

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