FDU-INKINGI urges President Kagame to stop harassment of political opponents

Kigali this Feb. 11, 2013

FDU-INKINGI urge His Excellency Paul Kagame, in his capacity as president of the RPF-INKOTANYI to put an end to acts of provocation against political opponents, using the security services.

The FDU INKINGI strongly condemns once again the leadership of the RPF and government INKOTANYI pursuing their claims handling maneuvers security services to harass opposition leaders in fomenting false criminal investigations to justify arbitrary arrests , kidnappings or forced evictions.

On the morning of 11/02/2013, at 6:30, the police surrounded the home of a resident named Dominique Shyirambere Amajyambere village, district Kamatamu, Kacyiru sector. Exhibited a police search warrant alleging counterfeiting activities. This operation was conducted by a uniformed police officer whose name is Karenzi. The police have found on him a paltry 40 000 Rwf free from any suspicion of counterfeit currency.
Despite the fact that the search had drawn a blank, police handcuffed Mr. Dominique Shyirambere and led to the CID where he was interrogated. They finally decided to bring the dungeon Remera. Arrival at the residence of the U.S. ambassador’s convoy police received a phone call and stopped the vehicle. After the telephone conversation, the police released Mr. Shyirambere site. Curiously, the police have not given him the keys to his house and confiscated 40000FRW.

This is not the first time that fighting for democracy is the victim of acts of denunciation Intore RPF. In fact, they continue to harass. Recently, he was attacked in his home the night by another RPF militia known as the Inkeragutabara, who besieged the night by what he had refused to open the door. At daybreak, when they managed to get home, they violently beaten. When neighbors, including the Secretary General of FDU-INKINGI, Sylvain Sibomana rushed to see what was happening, they were in turn beaten. When the police were called to the rescue realized that this was militia RPF, it merely consoling victims and left from the militia without charge.

We take this opportunity to call on the authorities to ensure the safety of Mr. and keep Shyirambere responsible for anything that might happen to him. We denounce the same time the confiscation of key victim because the police can enter his home when they want and manipulate evidence to find him loads.

These mafia actions start to become legion. Last month, a member of the FDU INKINGI Theophilus Ntirutwa the village Kangondo, Nyarutarama sector, suffered the same fate. He was driven from his home on the pretext that held meetings in his coffee.
It will be recalled that this is the same scenario that was used by the security services, to arbitrarily arrest and detain 7 months ago, 7 young members of our party native Rutsiro, under the pretext that they had met with the Secretary General of the party.

The FDU INKINGI can not indefinitely close its eyes to such acts and solemnly asks Paul Kagame as president of the RPF-INKOTANYI, to stop these acts of provocation. They ask him to accept a genuine political debate rather than resorting to the security services to harass its political opponents. This is all the more incomprehensible by President Kagame, his party has such a popular base that is not afraid of opposition. This is what he said during the celebrations marking the 25th anniversary of his party RPF.

We are imbued with the desire to build our country paving the way of justice, freedom, respect for human rights. We are committed to peaceful resistance. We know very well that the RPF came to power chose another route, but we are convinced that violence does not bring lasting peace. Instead of spilling the blood of Rwandans, we will endeavor to conciliate and to promote peace and save the lives of Rwandan citizens, aware that it is they who are the strength of the country and a catalyst for sustainable development.

We once again call for the unconditional release of our 7 members detained in prison Muhanga. We call for an end to harassment, evictions, intimidation against honest and innocent Rwandans, especially those of the democratic opposition. Since the day when all the people shall rise up as one man to demand an end to the dictatorship, it is impossible to put them behind bars 11 million people.

Rather than trying to nip in the bud all democratic demands, your government would be better advised to accompany them, in the interest, not the plan, but the country.

Twagirimana Boniface.
* HE Secretary General of the UN
* Security Council of the UN
* Organizations Human Rights (all)
* African Commission on Human Rights
* Press Agencies (all)

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