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Entertainment industry will flourish better if govt secures Nigeria —Skinny South Boy

Mubula Mackenzie Udika aka Skinny South Boy has said for the Nigerian entertainment industry to still flourish better and blossom, the Federal Government must be more proactive in securing the country.

Skinny South Boy was recently signed on Rocket Speed Records International and his Manager, Omotola Slasha, said Udika is “an outstanding artiste who emerged most promising of all artistes on the record label.”

The Rivers State-born fast rising singer is set to dazzle his fans and the world with new, sizzling tracks and he said his passion for music inspired him into making music, saying he had always loved music from childhood. “I remember always saving my launch money for school just so I could buy CD’s to listen to.  My attachment to music is passion driven and that passion inspired me into making music. Actually I express myself better through music.”

On the kind of music he makes, he said “I make good music. I make music based on how I feel and how I get inspired. I’m not particular to any genre. I’m a rapper, singer and a songwriter so my talent cuts across different genres but I like Afrobeat, Afropop and hip hop. I make these with ease.”

For the message he has, Udika said “I tell my story through my music, my love life, my highs, my lows, best moments, sad moments and my imaginations too. These are common things people relate to because we all go through life.”

Speaking on the state of the industry, Skinny noted that “looking at where we started, I think we have made a lot of improvement,” and noted that “the advent of the internet and the social media has really expanded our reach. Afrobeat is now recognised worldwide. It’s a big win to earn a spot in the global market that is highly competitive. But I’ll suggest the market in Nigeria should be diversified. The weight is too much in Lagos market when there are a lot of untapped talents in other parts of the country.”

On the challenges he noted that cost of remaining afloat in the music scene is a problem. “Cost, breaking into the scene is expensive considering how large the market is. You have to be consistent in putting out your art and this consistency demands funding.”


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