Committee for unity, peace and reconciliation in Rwanda

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Press Release

February 23, 2013 – In the previous century, the history of Rwanda has been characterized by divisions and destructive wars. Rwandans have clashed and killed each other’s brothers and sisters.

The root of such evil has been the struggle for power, poor governance using terror, ethnic discrimination, regional discrimination, persecution, dictatorship, as well as lack of respect for human rights and taking Rwandan people hostage by successive governments.

Rwandans in general have not been granted freedom and independence of thought in order to contribute to the betterment of their nation. Instead, they are subjected to imprisonment, murder, assassinations, as well as being forced into exile.

During the war of 1990 to 1994, massacres of Rwandans occurred at a rate never seen in Rwanda. It culminated in the warring parties totally betraying the Rwandan people. The warring parties encouraged their followers to exterminate others on the basis of ethnicity, place of origin, and political views. The massacres did not end in Rwanda as the current Rwandan government pursued refugees in their countries of refuge outside of Rwanda to kill them in a way never heard of before in Rwanda.

The signatories of this announcement as well as their colleagues and supporters, driven by a desire to end the tragedy of Rwandans of the last century, have formed a committee to gather facts and provide recommendations that will lead to unity, peace and reconciliation in Rwanda.

This peace and reconciliation committee is an independent body, whose work is driven by civil society. The committee is anchored by advisers known for operating with honesty, integrity, fairness and who support justice.

One of the esteemed supporters of this initiative is His Majesty King Kigeli V Ndahindurwa.

The Reconciliation committee would like to especially thank Him as well as other Rwandans who support this initiative and who have played a major advisory role as we undertake this initiative.

We would also like to thank political parties as well as independent civil society organizations and individuals that have shown confidence in us.

The Committee invites all peace and unity loving Rwandans, wherever they are in the world, to take part in this initiative whose goal is to foster forgiveness and reconciliation, leading to building a vibrant society in Rwanda; focused on building a society where every individual’s rights are respected and protected by the law. With support from Rwandans, this committee will achieve its goal of rule of law, democracy, peace, and development.

For the Reconciliation Committee,

Ndagijimana Jean-Marie Vianney

Matata Joseph

Sisi Évariste

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