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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and accusations of transphobia, Life as an Agbero – the best Nigerian articles of the week

Each week here at YNaija, we round up the best Nigerian writing on the internet, highlighting the stories, profiles, interviews and in-depth reporting that rise above the daily churn.

Here are the ones that caught our attention:

Love Life: I Still Can’t Believe He’s Gone – NerdEfiko

Derin, 21, and Oke, 21, had been together for a little over a year before Oke’s tragic death cut their love story short. For today’s Love Life, Derin talks about how they went from best friends to lovers, and all the plans they had for their future together.

Five fans share take-homes from ‘A day in the live of Wizkid’ -Adewojumi Aderemi

Having never had this much access to Wizkid, obviously, we were all tuned in eagerly digesting every new revelation about the rather private musician. From finding out that his father is responsible for his big drip mindset to watching him jam Tekno and Future, whilst watching ‘A Day In The Live Of Wizkid‘ I learned so much about my GOAT, and from the Twitter reactions, it seems that many other Wizkid FC members were lapping up this Starboy education too. So, I hit a few keen watchers up to find out what their biggest take home from the live documentary and performance was for them. Some were inspired mostly by the music, others in awe of Wizkid’s unparalleled talent; I found myself boasting that Wizkid and I have the same top two on ‘Made In Lagos‘, “True Love” and “Blessed”.

A week in the life: The Agbero trusting God for a better life – Hassan Yahaya

Things weren’t always like this for me. I wasn’t always an agbero working for a union. I learnt printing press work, but there was no money to buy a machine neither was there anyone to help me. So I set up a baba Ijebu kiosk to raise money to buy machines. Things were going well until I fell in love with one lady like this. After we started dating, nothing was coming in again. Getting money to eat even became difficult for me.

Adichie, Akwaeke and Area Scatter – Onyeka Nwelue

I have always, also talked about Ms Adichie’s power and success. Someone used the word ‘bourgeois’ to describe her and I think that is totally off-key. Ms Adichie belongs to an Upper Class family and in Igbo land, Adichie is a diala name. Many Igbo people pretentiously say they do not practice caste system. We all do. Myself, not needing to sound modest, I know this, because if you don’t force an Upper Class person to speak, they will not speak. What Ms Adichie represents is bigger than what we see. When you attain her height, you do not need to bother about anyone hating you. I was at Abantu Literature Festival in Soweto, when she appeared there in 2018. Her session was a filled up hall. When she disappeared, after taking pictures with people, I spoke to people who told me how they don’t like her, because she is transphobic.

4 African countries experiencing uprising – Damilola Akintola

While the #EndSARS movement held against police brutality in Nigeria became world news, some African countries leveraged the window of attention to create awareness on going-ons in other countries across the continent. The hashtags #CongoIsbleeding, #CameroonIsBleeding, #ShutItAllDownNamibia, #ZimbabweanLivesMatter became common. Consequently, we thought it made sense to highlight four African countries that have experienced uprising.

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