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Child Online Africa launches ‘Bada Labari’ Campaign

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The child advocacy organization, Child Online Africa has announced the launch of its latest campaign dubbed ‘Ba da Labari’ – the Hausa word for storytelling.

In a statement the group said the campaign is “part of its advocacy strategy to structure communication about its subject matter interest that generates attention.”

The organization said it wants to tell stories using a unique presentation format that will allow stakeholders and participants to have a more enjoyable event whilst streaming the content to live audience.

Ba da Labari is the Hausa phrase for storytelling, helping to better represent an “informal conversation format with personal and interactive discussion involving a moderator and guest.”

It said “this style allows the audience space to gain insights into the guest’s personal stories and thoughts on various topics on Child Online Protection across Africa.”

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Child Online Africa explained that this latest concept of communication “is heavily inspired by the fireside chats where a series of evening radio addresses were given by Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States, between 1933 and 1944.”

Since the 1930s there have been several technological advancements in the area of communication. There are videos, email, the internet, and so many other means of communication.

Child Online Africa said “despite these changes, a fireside chat’s purpose remains the same — to make everyone feel relaxed and leave the audience with more information than they had before. The fireside chat will be used to address the critical issue of Child Online Protection and we need to ensure that our audience can trust and see a real person, to make the impact required.”

It is hoping its latest communication campaign will create excitement, share useful information with our audience, reduces pressure on guests ad create closer connections between guest and audience.

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The group will be projecting the Hashtag #BDL to form the online community unique conversations identity to make the storytelling an ongoing activity online even after an event.

“It will have a country-name to identify where the story is coming from. Eg: #BDLGhana,” the statement said.

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