Charles Ingabire’s death must be investigated and his assassins brought to justice


The circumstances of his death show that he lost his precious life because of his opinions.

It’s not the first time that a critic of the Rwandan government is assassinated in neighbouring countries. In May 1998, late Seth SENDASHONGA, former minister of interior and opposition leader was showered with AK47 bullets at a round-about near the UN headquarters in Nairobi (Kenya) in broad daylight.

Former RPF Member of Parliament Col. (rtd) Theoneste LIZINDE and businessman Augustin Bugirimfura were also gunned down by Kigali death squads in Nairobi in 1996. Later in February 1999, Pasteur Musabe, former CEO of BACAR, Continental Bank of Rwanda, was also shot dead in Yaoundé (Cameroon).

Capt. Frank TEGA, a fomer RDF officer and RPF commissioner for youth who had been granted political asylum after he fled Rwanda in 2001 died in Uganda in 2008 under unclear circumstances. Frank Tega had joined the Rwandan Democratic Alliance, RDA-Isangano, an opposition political party which later allied with others to form the United Democratic Forces (FDU-Inkingi).

Last year on July 14th, Prof. Jwani MWAIKUSA a lecturer at the University of Dar-Es-Salaam and defence lawyer at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda was shot in his home. His assassins were never found. A couple of weeks before, former army chief of staff Lt Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa was shot and seriously wounded by gunmen at his residence in Johannesburg (South Africa).  He escaped death but his killers attempted to finish him off in the hospital bed.

FDU-Inkingi  strongly asks all Rwandans who have been in a way or another witnesses to these assassinations to come out and help expose the killers and their master minders in the Rwandan government before it’s too late for them to testify.

FDU-Inkingi calls upon the Ugandan, the Cameroonian, the Kenyan, the Tanzanian and the South African governments to investigate thoroughly those deaths and find those who ordered and executed the assassinations and bring them to justice.

In as much as the network committing those crimes clearly covers different countries, FDU-Inkingi urges the concerned governments to institute an international commission of inquiry so as to cooperate and exchange information more efficiently in order to end the impunity the killers are enjoying since 1994.

Lastly, FDU-Inkingi calls upon Rwandans from all walks of life to unite their efforts so as to bring to an end the criminal, totalitarian and sectarian regime in Kigali.


Done in Brussels, December 3, 2011

Dr Jean-Baptiste MBERABAHIZI

Secretary General and Spokesperson

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