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BB Titans: What South Africa and Nigeria will bring to the table

Without a doubt, Nigeria and South Africa have become the continent’s leading promoters of entertainment, diversity, and culture. They are undeniably capitals of culture and art. Despite having unique histories, cultures, music, foods, and fashion preferences, both countries have much in common.

This special edition sets to merge Big Brother Naija with Big Brother Mzansi to present to you Big Brother Titans.

This special edition will have a mix of Nigerians and South Africans in one house, and we expect drama overload.

In anticipation of the upcoming edition, here are highlights of some of the similar cultural elements we expect to see in this novel BB Titans season:

South African and Nigerian cuisines portray a variety of culinary traditions offered by the numerous communities in both countries. Some foods like Suya/Kilishi and Biltong, Ewa Agoyin and Chakalaka, and Pap are delicacies served in both countries. We expect to see new combinations of delicacies made in the house and maybe even some drama caused by decisions of what type of meals the house will eat per time.

Another shared gift, between both countries, is music. Individually, both countries and their genres are at the top of the food chain of the African music industry. Together, they are a musical force to be reckoned with. Everyone wants a piece of Afrobeat and Amapiano with fusions of both genres producing anthems that are reshaping the global entertainment scene. It is impossible to discuss Nigeria and South Africa without mentioning their partnerships and influence in the entertainment industry. We are looking forward to seeing budding musicians in the house that will blend both countries’ unique sounds in creating certified jams through tasks and vibe sessions.

Both countries have many tribes that pride themselves on the quality of their hand-made fabric and luxurious fashion sense. They both use materials with vibrant colours and intricate patterns to create their gorgeous attires. We can’t wait to see Ankara matched with the Shweshwe strutting down the House runway. We know new crazy and innovative fashion will come out of this show, and we can’t wait to see it!

Whether at night or daytime, one cannot mistake the good vibes from the people from both countries. From fine dining at world-class restaurants to turning up at cocktail bars and jazz/fuji clubs. The Naija and SA vibes are one for everyone to enjoy. That said, we know the combination of both countries will give premium vibes and entertainment, and we are doing a little dance just thinking about it.

Auditions for Big Brother Titans are open till October 22, 2022.

All interested and eligible Nigerians or South Africans must record a two-minute video of themselves stating why Big Brother should pick them to be Big Brother Titan housemates.

Contestants must upload the video to http://mnet.tv/bigbrothertitans, and fill out the online registration form.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be Biggie’s next reality TV star, then don’t hold back!  

Head to http://mnet.tv/bigbrothertitans  to find out more, or follow the Big Brother Naija social media pages on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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