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Asylum flight to Rwanda cancelled after legal action

Per the scheme agreed on between the UK and Rwanda, single men arriving in the UK illegally in small boats or lorries will be sent to Rwanda for resettlement.

Such people who arrived in the UK by 1 January may be sent to Rwanda, where their asylum claims will be processed.

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Details of the scheme explained that such deportees will be given accommodation and support and would be free to come and go from their lodgings at all times, while their claims are being considered.

Once the claims of these asylum seekers are accepted they would be helped to build a “new life” in Rwanda, with up to five years’ access to education and support there, the UK government said in a statement.

Those whose claims will be rejected will be given the chance to apply to remain in Rwanda or be removed to their country of origin or another country where they have the right to reside.

More than 160 charities and campaign groups want the UK government to scrap the plan, while opposition parties and some Conservatives have also criticised the policy.

British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has said he believes the scheme complies with international law.

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