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Angela Okorie addresses Nigerians attributing her outburst to mental breakdown, sends message to Zubby Michael and Mercy Johnson

Nollywood actress Angela Okorie has addressed Nigerians attributing her recent outbursts to a mental breakdown.

For some days now, the movie star has been dragging her colleagues, from Mercy Johnson to Zubby Michael, which had led many to believe she was having a kental breakdown.

Taking to her Instagram story, she noted how people are channeling what she is saying to madness, and pointed out how the irony of how the photos they merge of Mercy Johnson and Zubby Michael with hers, look more like mad people.

Angela stated that the only thing they know how to do is to kill and destroy because that’s what the devil does. She told Zubby and Mercy to keep paying people to tarnish her image, however, her truth must be told. Telling them to leave her alone, she made them know that it is just the beginning.

“If you go Facebook and some of this social media platforms, this bombass things say their mama dey mad, Dem say their mama and papa get mental health. Imagine.
They are channeling what am saying to madness, dirty people. Even my pictures wey una dey merge with theirs, Zubby M and Mercy looks more like mad people.
Ndi ara, the only thing you people know how to do is to kill and destroy cos that’s what the devil does. Keep paying people to tarnish my image against all odds. Truth must be told. I warned y’all to leave me alone, una no gree.
This is just the beginning”.

Angela Okorie addresses Nigerians attributing her behavior to mental breakdownAngela Okorie addresses Nigerians attributing her behavior to mental breakdown

Recall that following Junior Pope’s death, Angela Okorie had dragged Zubby for not publicly mourning JP, who was once his bestfriend. She noted how Zubby is fighting everyone in the industry to be the number one.

She had also slammed him over his appearance at the funeral, stating that his presence was for propaganda’s sake and not for love. She also dragged him over his outfit comparing it to that of occultist. To add to it, she dragged him for gifting the family cash.

Angela had also dragged Mercy Johnson, stating that it was time up for her, as she accused her and her mother of being witches. She later went on an Instagram Live session with Mercy Johnson’s former best friend, who called her out for witchcraft and alleged that her late mother was the mastermind. The lady claimed Mercy was aware of the deaths happening in Nollywood and locked the destinies of the famous music group Style Plus and her colleagues.

She addressed those criticizing her for dragging the movie star as she claimed that people will be shocked to know the number of people that are reaching out to her to expose Mercy.

Neither Zubby Michael or Mercy Johnson have responded to her.

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