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Ajebo Hustlers: We Were Advised By Friends To Quit Music

Nigerian Highlife and Afrobeat duo, Ajebo Hustlers have disclosed that their friends advised them to quit music in the early days of their career.

The group comprises of singer, Isaiah Precious aka “Piego” and George Dandeson aka “Knowledge” a rapper.

According to the singers, their friends said it made no sense for them to continue to doing music because they weren’t making a fortune from the profession.

They made this known while having a chat on the latest episode of Afrobeats podcast hosted by Shopsydoo.

Ajebo Hustlers said their struggle for stardom forced them to be accommodated by several family members and friends before they finally hit stardom.

The ‘Pronto’ crooners also revealed that at one point, they were housed by popular singer D’banj’s younger brother, K-Switch.

They said; “We squatted with K-Switch in 2016. I’m no playing. 2017 nothing was popping. It was 2018, we were still trying to push and then we made a record in 2019 with King Perry. I think we were squatting somewhere then.

“That time we were squatting because music was not working and you now have friends that are telling you, omo, thus music is not working, you sure say you try enter street.”

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