African Eco-Safaris

Welcome to exotic Kenya the land of discovery who’s unsurpassed attraction over years has been accorded seal by millions of tourist. Kenya’s network of well-managed National parks, Game Reserves, Marine Reserves, Biosphere Reserves and white sandy beaches along coral reef of the Kenyan coast, is ultimate dream destination. Kenya’s prolific and well conservered wildlife is unparallel anywhere in the worlds remaining population of big cats, big mammals, and plains game roaming free in their natural habitat. Given a safari you may have the opportunity to experience some of these, you will be overwhelmed by the beautiful landscapes, colorful people and the abundance and variety of wildlife encountered – even if it is not your first safari!
Kenya presents an impressive range of accommodation to suit every taste. Elegance, ambiance and quality are hallmarks of Kenya’s eco rated hotels,game lodges,Luxury tented camps and exclusive camps. AFRICAN ECO-SAFARIS’ on the scene and behind the scene staffs are dedicated,knowledgeable professionals, with a companionship mission, to make sure that your holiday is full of lifetime stories and memories from some of our prestine parks.Today,weather conditions are no longer predictable,we therefore give an option of two Vehicles;custom designed 4x4WD minivans or 4x4WD Extended Land-cruisers/Land-rovers.

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