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Adekunle Gold Regrets Writing Song About Ex-Girlfriend Who Broke His Heart

In his debut album ‘About 30,’ he sings about a heartbreak caused by a manipulative woman in the song “Damn Delilah.”

To mark the sixth anniversary of the album, Adekunle Gold posted the album cover on his X account on Sunday, captioning it, “Happy 6 years Anniversary to my beautiful piece of Art. #About30.”

A fan responded by saying, “Delilah will never forget this album [laughing emoji].

Adekunle Gold replied, “She passed. Sometimes I feel bad for making that record.”

Another fan asked for the full story.

Adekunle Gold explained, “I’ve told this story many times. I was in a relationship with a girl who had a boyfriend, which I didn’t know about. I fell for her, but she was playing me.

One Saturday morning, I got a call from a random guy threatening me to stay away from his girlfriend. When I called her, I found out she had blocked me everywhere. I was so heartbroken that I wrote ‘Damn Delilah.’”


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