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Police Can Truly Be Our Friends! By Adeola Soetan

Walahi. I love this policeman.

Kudos to the best RevolutionNow protester of the day! By class identity, police is truly our friend if not for the tyranny of government that brutalised and dehumanised them to become bestial against their class interest and same members of their poor class.

I like this policeman who was tactically protesting peacefully against insecurity and mass killings in Nigeria. His mind related straight to the issues raised on the placard – insecurity and mass killings. He went for the placard he loved best, seized it and quickly did his own protest for all to see that the message is true. His mind spoke instantaneously and unconsciously more than his uniform and gun. This is the more reason police and other security agencies must have unions as a democratic right to protest and protect their welfare interests instead of reducing many of them to street criminals and roadblock “Rogers” and beggars at gunpoint.

The placard he illegally seized from RevolutionNow peaceful protesters and skilfully displayed by him definitely spoke to his mind the reality of the country and that of his own/ colleagues dangerous existence who can be killed by “repentant” bandits the next hour.

Perhaps, If not for his pocket, monthly alert and uniform, he, like other poorly paid risk endangered policemen, could have joined the RevolutionNow protest for a better Nigeria.

Kudos to the best and most tactical police protester of the day. Aluta continua, victoria acerta!

Free RevolutionNow protesters! Protest is a legitimate right of citizens not a privilege.

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