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Ghanaian university to turn away students who ‘dress indecently’

A top Ghanaian University has issued a warning to students who dress provocatively, saying they risk being turned away.

The Department of Animal Biology and Conservation Science at the University of Ghana post the warning notice in the wake of a sexual harassment exposé that implicated some lecturers.

The university interdicted the lecturers after they were implicated in the BBC documentary on sexual harassment.

Prof. Ransford Gyampo of the Political Science Department and Dr Paul Kwame Butakor a lecturer at the Department of Teacher Education of the School of Education and Leadership all at the University of Ghana were implicated in the documentary.

They were filmed allegedly making sexual advances towards some women who posed as students.

To address some of the issues that have come up following the documentary, the Animal Biology and Conservation Science department at the university served a notice on what it calls provocative dressing by students.

“Descent [sic] dressing is required of all students in this department. You could be turned away from academic facilities if you are not decently dressed,” a notice posted at the department read.

skimpy dresses

Sexual harassment cases have been widely spoken and discuss in Ghanaian media.

In some instances women have been accused of attracting such harassment due to their dressings.

But activists say that is untenable, dismissing dressings of women as a an open invitation for men to harass them.


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