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Timothy Adegoke’s Murder: Oriyomi Hamzat One Man Crusade For Justice By Bayo Oluwasanmi

Since Timothy Adegoke was mysteriously butchered in Room 305 at Hilton Hotel and Resorts Ile-Ife, Oriyomi Hamzat has been on the hunt to track down his killer(s).

Hamzat, ace broadcaster, social activist, and  crusader extraordinaire for justice is the owner of the popular and influential radio station Agidigbo 88.7 FM, Ibadan. Hamzat’s detailed daily investigation and updates on the murder of Adegoke takes on the Herculean task of tracking a career murderous money ritualist on one hand, and a sworn promise to deliver justice to Adegoke and his family on the other hand.

Adegoke had checked in at the hotel on November 5, 2021 to begin review for his final Executive MBA exams at OAU, Ile-Ife. Two days later, he was declared missing. But the news of a missing person soon gave way to ominous dark clouds that delivered frozen uncertainty in the horizon. A much darker force was looming: The body of Adegoke, occupant of Room 305, had been dumped by his killer(s) in the bush near the hotel.

In the days that followed, his grieving widow and children, families, friends, colleagues were sorrowfully subdued by his mysterious death. Hamzat immediately went to work chasing every lead to reveal the killer(s). Each day, Hamzat brings renewed dedication, fresh perspective, and investigative rigor to the case. As a seasoned crusader for the truth, he followed his instincts and tirelessly pursued the truth wherever it leads him ny raising pertinent questions that beg for answers.  

Hamzat, a radio personality, has attained the reputation for fighting injustice against oppressed poor Nigerians who are economically disadvantaged, socially trapped and politically locked out. Watching Hamzat as a one man crusade fighting for justice to unravel the killer(s) of Adegoke, reminds me of Benjamin Burombo’s statement that “Each time I want to fight for African rights, I use only one hand because the other hand is busy trying to keep away Africans who are fighting me” is so apt in the case of Hamzat. Each time he plunges himself into the cockpit of the investigation, each time his life was threatened by the supporters of killer(s) of Adegoke.

Unbowed, uncowed, Hamzat the one man crusade for justice, remains undaunted. Rather, he digs in deeper and deeper everyday to keep concerned Nigerians posted on the progress or lack of police investigations into the murder. Where are the human rights activists? Where are the bloggers? Where are the religious leaders? What happened to the Nigerian media? All gone AWOL! All declared MIAs – missing in action! All lovers of justice must team up with Hamzat to bring the killer or killers of Adegoke to justice. We must all come together as a people in the name of justice and demand that whoever- high or low, rich or poor, prince or pauper that was involved in the murder of Adegoke must be sent to the gallows for the heinous crime. 

Hamzat has taught us a great lesson: injustice against one is injustice for all. And more importantly, no one is safe until all of us are safe. We are in this together. Together, we can get rid of money ritualists in our community.

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