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The Top 9 Contestants for “Nigerian Idol” Season 9 Have Been Revealed

The countdown to the winner of Season 9 of the popular music competition show, Nigerian Idol, has officially begun. After weeks of fierce competition, eliminations have narrowed down the field to the most talented singers. Each episode brings out the best in the contestants, who showcase their incredible vocals and stage presence in a bid to impress the judges and secure their place in the competition.

Joining the panel of judges this year are music powerhouses Omawunmi, 9ice and Ric Hassani, all under the watchful eye of the ever-charismatic host, IK Osakioduwa.

This year’s theme, Let Your Dreams Take Flight,” perfectly captures the essence of the competition as the remaining contestants brought their very best in episode 5, during the theatre week, to clinch a coveted spot in the top 10.

Chioma, Mira, David, Lady Ruth, Stevie, Maio, Chima, Jennifer, and Gracia made the top 10. In a surprising twist, Lammy and Japh Kenti find themselves tied for the final spot. Both nominees are now dependent on the public votes to secure a spot.

In no particular order, meet the top 10 contestants:

Chioma Unogu

Chioma’s motivation to chase her passion for music on the biggest stage in Nigeria is fueled by the heartbreaking loss of her mother and her sister’s support. She hopes to show not only her talent but prove to her mother that “all her investment was worth it.

During the theatre week, Chioma stepped into Jennifer Hudson’s shoes and did them justice with her performance of “If This Isn’t Love.”

Mira Clear 

Mira doesn’t just sing, she pours her soul into every note. Criticism doesn’t break her, it fuels her fire. Every critique is a chance to refine her craft and become an even better artist. Mira’s on Nigerian Idol to prove that dreams, hard work, and a whole lot of heart can turn anyone into a star.

For her spot in the top 10, she charged the atmosphere with a performance of No Woman, No Cry” by Tems.

David Garland

David is not a stranger to the Nigerian Idol stage. This time around, he brings a renewed sense of purpose and confidence. Having taken time to grow as an artist, he feels that this is “the right time” for him to not only captivate both the judges and the audience but to take the crown.

Not a note was out of place in his powerful performance of Marvin Gaye’sWhat’s going on.”

Lady Ruth

Lady Ruth is a club promoter, chef, and singer. This isn’t her first time auditioning. She has dreamt of being on the Nigerian Idol stage for a long time, and now that she’s back, she is set on making her mark. Lady Ruth wants everyone to “look out” for her as she brings all her heart and soul to the stage.

In her soul-stirring rendition of “You Say” by Lauren Daigle, she served all the high and low notes for a spot in the top 10.

Steve Adebayo

Songwriter and former teacher, Stevie’s dedication to music is so strong it compelled him to resign from his teaching career to pursue the melodies full-time. This isn’t his first rodeo in the talent show world, he had been pursuing his dream on Project Fame. Stevie is confident that he is the next Nigerian Idol and isn’t afraid to bring his unique personality to the stage.

He turned up the heat in his performance of Giveon’s “Heartbreak anniversary.”


Maio’s musical journey began with a spark of jealousy – he was captivated by another singer’s voice and the attention it commanded. However, that jealousy transformed into a passion for harnessing his talent. Maio made it to the Top 29 on season 8. He returns to rewrite his Nigerian Idol story with a renewed desire to prove himself. This time, he says he’s “coming for everything!”

Watch him evoke emotions in his soulful delivery of Lloyiso’s “Seasons.”

Chima Udoye

Chima is a determined singer with a powerful voice and a story that will inspire. Having faced adversity at a young age, music has always been his solace. With Nigerian Idol as his platform, he is ready to share his gift with the world.  For the rising star, the show represents a stepping stone to stardom. As he takes the stage, Chima is ready to showcase not only his vocal prowess but also use the platform to inspire others.

Chima tugs at heartstrings in this silky performance of Giveon’s “Stuck on you”

Jennifer Ugomu

Jennifer is an entrepreneur who has found a sanctuary in music through life’s challenges. Having battled body shaming, her spirit remains unbroken as she channels her emotions and experiences into music using it as an escape. Now on the stage of Nigerian Idol, she is ready to share her creativity, strong vocals and raw emotions for the world to see.

Jennifer took on Lady Gaga’s “I’ll Never Love This Way Again” and made it her own in a sentimental performance that resulted in a standing ovation.

Gracia Vaakaa-Shepherd 

For Gracia, music is her solace, a way to express emotions and find strength. Battling health issues, it was music that kept her afloat. Now, standing tall in the Nigerian Idol Top 10, Gracia sees her journey as a testament to music’s power. From Cotonou to the big stage, she’s overcome nerves, fear, and doubt to chase her musical dreams.

Gracia pours her heart and soul into a stunning performance of Adele’s “Turning Tables.”


Lammy is an electrical engineer with a song in his heart. As the eldest sibling in a family of seven, Lammy might be used to taking charge, on the Nigerian Idol stage, he’s ready to push his boundaries and explore his musical potential. Lammy describes himself as a “go-getter” and a “people’s person.”

Lammy brings a passionate twist in his delivery of Teni’s “Case.”

Japhet Billa Kenti

Music is Japh’s lifeblood. He sleeps, thinks, and wakes up with melodies swirling in his head. His elimination from season 8 of Nigerian Idol left him heartbroken but determined to learn more about music. He is eager to collaborate with established artists and build a successful career in the music industry. Japh is not just singing for himself, he’s singing for his dreams.

He takes Mario’s “Let Me Love You” to a whole new level in this Nigerian vibes-infused performance.

Voting is now open, cast your vote to help your favourites take flight towards superstardom.
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