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Tanzania Police arrest 4 people for ‘mocking’ Magufuli’s death

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Police in Tanzania are cracking down on citizens deemed to have ridiculed the death of former President John Magufuli.

Four people have been detained for allegedly mocking the death of John Magufuli who is to be buried on Friday in his hometown of Chato.

Urlich Matei, the regional police head in the south-west region of Mbeya, told local journalists that the four were ridiculing Magufuli’s death while the country was mourning.

“The whole country is in mourning for our beloved president John Magufuli…but during this period we received a report that there were four people who were mocking this tragedy,” he said.

“What they have done is an indication that they want to cause chaos and breach of peace in that region,” he said.

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The police officer said “We have arrested them and we are carrying on investigations, when we have all the evidence we’ll take them to court.”

They were arrested on the street in Mwanjelwa on Saturday with goat soup and traditional beer.

John Magufuli died on March 17, 2021 from heart attack, according to the government.

Tanzania’s government announced 21 days of mourning in honour of the president who was nicknamed “bulldozer”.

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