NATO’s War in Libya: Protecting to Kill, Killing to Protect

Nato Downed Jat in LibyaIn war, truth is the first casualty. Words of wisdom, gifted to us by Aeschylus. Truer than ever now, two thousand years later, as NATO bombs Libya in the name of `protecting’ its civilians.

But isn’t there a paradox here, asks young Turkish academic Ayça Çubukçu. `When “the international community” intervenes militarily in Libya under a cosmopolitan obligation to protect Libyans as humans, it will be killing Libyans and others. And if the Interim Transitional National Council is killing Libyans and others, it is also claiming to be protecting Libyans’ (Killing in the Name of: Libya, Sovereignty, Humanity, Jadaliyya, March 11, 2011).


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