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Sudan’s Omar Bashir got millions from Saudi Arabia

The source of Sudan’s ousted president Omar al-Bashir finances have been revealed during the start of his trial.

On Monday prosecutors revealed that Mr. Bashir acknowledged receiving millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia.

He is facing a corruption trial months after he was toppled in a coup carried out by the military.

In court Bashir dressed in white attire listened to proceedings without commenting. He was seen through a metal cage.

That was his first appearance in a Khartoum courtroom for his trial.

Bashir has been charged with illicit possession of foreign currency and accepting gifts in an unofficial manner.

His lawyers however dismissed the accusations, saying it was usual for leaders to hold amounts of foreign currency.

In April large sums of money mostly in foreign currency were found in the ex-leader’s house.

Military intelligence searched Bashir’s home and found suitcases with more than $351,000.

Currency worth six million euros and five million Sudanese pounds were also found, according to the judicial sources.

The toppled ex-leader has been caged at the Kobar prison for months after he was removed from power.

Sudan has refused to extradite him to The Hague where he is wanted for war crimes.

Protests over worsening economic conditions triggered moves towards dismantling Bashir’s regime.


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