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Singer-producer Pheelz explains how the church influenced his career choice

The producer and singer brought this revelation to light during the latest episode of the BBC Focus on Africa podcast.

Pheelz said his decision to become a musician came at the age of five after he witnessed a choir performance at a church.

“I have always seen myself on stage, that’s the one thing I was sure about from 5. Because I got my first introduction into music when I was five and that was my first encounter in church,” he said.

The ‘Finesse’ crooner said that the emotional impact of the songs is what drew his interest in the art, and he immediately knew that was what he wanted to do.

In his words, “you know churches in Nigeria, we have the children church and we have the adult church. So that was my first time in the adult church and I wasn’t even on the stage. I just walked into the adult church and saw the choir singing and the way it had impact on people’s emotions. How some people would cry, some people would roll on the floor. It was a crazy scene to see for a five-year-old. From there I was like I wanna do this, this is what I wanna do.”

Pheelz is a decorated Afrobeats producer. The 27-year-old started his shift from producing to singing last year when he released ‘Hear Me Out,’ his debut EP.

His 2022 joint single “Finesse” with BNXN gives him another another suitable transitional route as Warner Records signed him soon after the song’s release.

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