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Nigerians react to Wizkid’s tweet on Buhari and Trump

Throughout history, we’ve seen the magic that happens when the masses express their individuality outside of the oppressive oversight, systematically placed on them by the ruling class.

If there is a positive lesson that we can take away from our past, it is the fact that the collective outcry of the masses and sometimes the civil disobedience and unrest perpetrated by a fed up people has worked in igniting true societal change.

History was made when Martin Luther King Jr mobilized the entire black community to fight its common enemy: racism. We saw this with Nelson Mandela who instigated a rallying call for racial harmony, and of course, we can’t forget Mahatma Gandhi, who took down British rule in India, in an amazing feat of hunger strike.

Unfortunately, the common denominator in the aforementioned activists is their generation. Guys like MLK, Nelson Mandela, Rosa parks, and more recently Mohammed Ali, seemed to thrive in an older generation that appreciated and understood the role of a leader in social issues.

In today’s society, the impact of a powerful voice leading a campaign is lost on the people. Community leaders, Media giants, and high profile individuals either refrain completely from taking on social issues or do the barest minimum when their voice is so desperately needed. Perhaps this is as a result of the times, as we in no way face to the same degree, the level of bigotry that has existed for the last 500 years.

Today on Twitter, however, a single tweet from one of the biggest music acts in Africa, and arguably the biggest in Nigeria; Wizkid, made it seem as though he was leading a protest on the streets. Earlier today, Wizkid in his tweet called the leadership of Nigeria and the United States of America, into question.

It is not the tweet in itself that has caused Wizkid to be a top trend on Twitter in mere hours, but the nature of the tweet.

People in Nigeria are of the opinion that popular artiste and performers are gifted a lot of money and presents from politicians to refrain from rallying against them, and this is why said celebrities are notoriously quiet about the oppressive government that is swallowing Nigeria whole. But with this tweet, Wizkid showed that he is not only sensitive to the issues at hand but rebellious to the status quo.

His action today is reminiscent of American celebrities who without fear, constantly speak up against Trump, and people on Twitter were loving it.

The multi award-winning singer also let out other tweets, speaking on the pressing issues of rape and senseless violence we are currently faced with.

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