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Nigerian singer St. Seii talks about afrobeat with Mark Lyod on Dubai Eye 103.8 FM

Nigeria singer, St. Seii has celebrated the recent success of his sophomore extended play, which debuted on Spotify rankings alongside Burna Boy, Asa, Simi, and audiomack trends across all genres.

He made this known when discussing afrobeat during his media appearances in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Dubai Eye 103.8 FM with Mark Lyod.

Jalal I. Iyonagbe, also known as St. Seii, is from Edo State, Nigeria, and spoke extensively with Mark Lyod of Dubai Eye 103.8 FM about the acceptance of his first single and how he got into music professionally.

Since Afrobeat songs went viral on social media and through other streaming platforms, Nigerian singers have sold out stadiums in different stations around the world, even non-English speaking nations most especially, Dubai

However, leading Nigerian singers have started extensive tours across Europe and America as the first quarter of 2022 comes to a conclusion, beginning a pincer-style manoeuvre that will see them generate billions of dollars for their nation’s coffers.

St. Seii talks about a lot of things and also the meaning and inspiration behind his single ‘Eterima.’

Watch below:

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