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Nigerian migrant fined for sweeping Italian street

A 29-year Nigerian migrant was hoping to put his energy into good use by voluntarily sweeping a street in the Italian town of Mestre, near Venice.

But his attempt to sweep as a means of finding a job to do landed him in trouble with a €350 fine.

The local council accused the migrant of “flagrantly cleaning the area without council authorisation.”

When news broke about the migrant’s predicament, there was public outcry sparking an online financial appeal to help him.

A local lawyer initiated the online appeal to help the Migrant only named as Monday to pay for the fine.

But the local council in northern Italy that imposed the fine on Monday has now cancelled it.

The money raised for the fine will now go to Monday.

Monday was being fined for sweeping the streets without permission.

For many migrants in Italy finding employment prospects means clearing litter and fallen leaves from the streets of Italian towns and cities.

Some of these migrants do not want to resort to begging for money but rather doing a meaningful act that could attract appreciation from passersby.

On streets often dotted with rubbish due to neglect by local authorities, migrants get a few coins for clearing them.

Italy has taken in tens of thousands of migrants mostly who cross  the Mediterranean from Libya. But they often struggle to find employment.


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