Mali’s sole passenger train resumes service after a 5-year hiatus

Mali’s passenger train service, linking the capital Bamako with the west of the country, resumed commercial operations on Friday (June 9) after a five-year break.

The Governor of Kayes, Colonel Moussa Soumare, overjoyed residents and numerous passengers witnessed the inaugural trip of locomotive CC2207 for SOPAFER-Mali.

Kayes, which is not fromthe border with Senegal, is a key trading hub.

After a 400-kilometre trip, the train was expected to arrive in Bamako early on Saturday.

The rehbilitation of the line has suffered delays for more than 15 years.

Service on the line was eventually halted in May 2018 due to poor maintenance, adding to transport problems in the country.

The economy and finance ministry said that rehabilitation had cost some $10 million, which would be recouped over the first two years of operation.

The service resumption comes after several test trips on the Malian section of the Dakar-Bamako line. The Bamako-Kayes line is part of a track completed in 1924 under French colonial rule linking Bamako with the Senegalese capital, 1,286 kilometres away.

Sourced from Africanews

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