Exposed: Rwanda’s plan to falsely implicate Kayumba Nyamwasa in Grenade attacks

Information into our newsroom from Rwanda yesterday states that there was a meeting at the headquarters of Police between IGP Gasana and the Media.  Among the people invited were selected journalists such as Burasa of Rushyashya, Robert Mugabe of Great Lakes Voices, Muvunyi Fred who was standing in for the head of journalist known as RMC, Andrew Mwenda who is paid to publicize the Rwandan government and three other journalists who have not yet been identified.

Reliable sources indicate that this meeting was a coordinating effort for all of these newspapers to inform them of what the narrative should be in order for the outside world, including Jeuneafrique to believe that all of the grenade attacks that have been happening, and those that are due to happen are perpetrated by Kayumba Nyamwasa and other members of RNC. 

Reliable sources also indicate that the Rwanda Police have already planned to throw more grenades to increase the instability and fear in the country as well as to put more pressure on South Africa in convincing them that they are harboring a terrorist who is actively trying to destabilize Rwanda and kill innocent civilians.

In yesterday’s meeting, IGP Gasana requested the journalist to specifically write the news stating that all grenade attacks that have happened previously or will be happening in the near future, must be written so as to convince that the international community that it is the work of Kayumba Nymawasa and his RNC members.

IGP Gasasa also advised these journalists to meet with the prisoners who were previously accused of these attacks and detained in local facilities, in order to prove via quoting them that Nyamwasa is working hand in hand with these prisoners to carry out these attacks.

IGP Gasana promised to increase the funding for media members to publicize the above.

The head of RMC was instructed, via Muvunyi Fred, to reach all other media outlets including The New Times to publish this information in coordination with these efforts to implicate Kayumba Nyamwasa.

The online publication, Chimpreports, that is partially funded by the government of Rwanda and housed in Uganda published this article regarding the meeting and has twisted the information just enough in order to support the propaganda of the Rwandan Government though the use of the police along with the media. 

This directive from the police to the media is just another example of the abuse of media freedoms in Rwanda as well as how propaganda is used to bolster the image of Rwanda to the International Community. Further reports of grenade attacks in Rwanda should be investigated by an independent entity in order to prove that these attacks are masterminded from the highest ranks in the Government of Rwanda and fed to the public through the media.


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