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Omar Al-Bashir falls, interim leaders to take over

Sudanese Protesters Reject Military Junta,Demand Civilian Govt ‘Now’

Sudan President Hassan Omar al-Bashir has stepped down following months of protests triggered by a steep rise in bread and fuel prices.

Reuters Africa and Arab media outlets on Thursday reported the fall of the Sudanese strongman, quoting military, government and provincial sources.

CNN, citing multiple sources, reported that Mr al-Bashir had been put under house arrest and his personal guard replaced.

The reports indicated that talks were underway in Khartoum to form a transitional council.

Dubai-based al-Hadath TV interviewed North Darfur Economic Resources Minister Adel Mahjoub Hussein who said “president Bashir stepped down”

Fall of Omar Hassan al-Bashir,

The Fall of Omar Hassan al-Bashir, the ‘Spider’ at the Heart of Sudan’s Web

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