Time for African oil producing countries to take full charge of the oil and gas industry

Although some African countries produce oil, the paradox is that they experience shortage of oil which their citizens rely on for their daily activities.

The Organization of African Oil Producers, has called on Africans nations to be in full control of the entire value chain of oil production in the next 10 years with the concept of “promoting local content in the African oil and gas industry”.

The Secretary General of the Organisation of African Oil Exporting Countries Mahaman Gaya has commented on this issue “Today, if we have this inter-African cooperation, I think the technologies are found outside Africa, but we can have them here together with the skills. Some countries have been independent in terms of oil production for 60 years. I think that for the training of engineers, we don’t need 60 years, we have had enough time to get the people to have the expertise in the industry!

Our organization must fight for this; for this content, and so throughout the value chain of the oil industry, where it is African companies themselves that are investing.
Imagine that for a pipeline trench, do we need to go abroad for that expertise?
Today in Africa we have this expertise! That is why we have developed a guide on the local production of oil industry content, so that all African countries can be inspired, so that by 2030, each African country can control 30% of the oil industry…”

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