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Mental Health: 7 Nigerians tell us about dealing with depression

What are the symptoms? Check out people describing a time in their life they felt depressed.

“Depression is when life doesn’t make any sense anymore and for me, there was no reason to feel that way, I was just sad.”

“I felt alone in the world like no one was going to help or save me. My health, finances, work and everything wasn’t working. I didn’t want to reach out for help, I wanted to fix my life myself but I couldn’t.”

“I felt completely alone, like my world was falling apart. Depression can make it seem like there is no reason for the sun to be shining. You feel like nothing is working in your life even if things are, you don’t see it.”

“When I was depressed I felt lost, felt like I am in a bottomless pit and there is no way out. I felt like, ‘why bother about anything’?”

“Sometimes, I feel like I am floating, I feel sad even when I am happy. But at least I don’t wake up and feel like killing myself.”

Very few people have access to mental health professionals. In Nigeria, family and religion are our substitutes for therapy.

“I don’t know if the depression is over, I just know I am more distracted. I changed location, met new people.”

“When I reached out to people for help, the issues in my health, finances, and work got resolved. Things got better and I was so afraid to do that all the while.”

“I exercise. I talk with friends and family. I read my bible and pray. Anything to cope.”

“I try to adapt to any situation and endure it. I tell myself that some people have it worse than me, I practice being grateful for the things in my life. Things are not as bad as they seem.”

When I was depressed I had to be intentional about overcoming it. I had friends who made me feel better and I distracted myself from negative thoughts with sports, music and writing.”

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