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Soso Music, SMW Fashion launched in Lagos

Ikezahu launches dual business 'Soso Music, SMW Fashion'
Ikezahu launches dual business ‘Soso Music, SMW Fashion’

Ikezahu launches dual business 'Soso Music, SMW Fashion'
Ikezahu launches dual business ‘Soso Music, SMW Fashion’

By Taiwo Okanlawon

Dubai-based Nigerian businessman, Mr. Philip Ikezahu has launched his dual business entities in Nigeria – ‘Soso Music worldwide and SMW fashion line’.

Speaking at the official launching with his team at their Lekki office in Lagos, Mr. Ikezahu, noted that Soso Music worldwide is focused on music recording, publishing, promotion, and artiste management.

He added that the clothing line targeted creating and setting of fashion trends across Africa with youths being its major audience.

Mr. Ikezahu who is also a jewellery merchant in Dubai disclosed that the aim of synergizing both music and fashion is to creatively “create our own market in pop culture and harness it to its fullest.

“This is because there is a reason to invest in the fastest growing sector of economy in Africa,” he stated.

“If you look closely, with Nigeria championing Music and Fashion industry in Africa, you will discover that these two sectors are the biggest things to come out of Africa to the entire world. And this has been made possible evidently through our diversity of sound, culture and tradition and content.”

“As we speak, we have rolled out about twenty-five thousand pieces pilot fashion merchandise set to be distributed nationwide; and we expect them to gain huge acceptance from our audience because of the heavy craftsmanship and creativity we have put into the production.”

“We would like the general public to also know that we have created various products for different class strata and we have also set aside a good promotional and advertising budget to ensure that every youth in Nigeria is involved,” he added.

Ikezahu further revealed that the record label arm of the establishment will be announcing the official signing of two recording and performing artistes who are currently ‘warming up’ to take the Nigerian music industry by storm.

He added that the fashion line on the other hand will in future also expand into model scouting, management, organizing of fashion shows, and exporting talents across Africa.

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