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Zimbabwe: Court clears 12 opposition candidates to contest election

Zimbabwe’s Supreme Court has cleared 12 candidates from the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change to contest in this month’s general election.

By this ruling, the Supreme Court has quashed a High Court ruling that said they had registered after the deadline.

Four candidates from smaller opposition parties were also reinstated on the ballot, following the unanimous decision from the judges. The reasoning behind the ruling has not yet been published.

The pre-election period has seen numerous court cases after the chaotic registration day on 21 June.

Candidates were registering late into the night, past the prescribed 16:00 deadline. Dozens of candidates failed to register over payment and other logistical challenges.

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Analysts’ reaction

The CCC is the primary challenger to President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s ruling Zanu-PF party.

With the Supreme Court ruling, the CCC candidates have been granted the opportunity to contest against the incumbent party in the elections.

Analysts say the decision enables broader contestation and participation, which could significantly impact the electoral dynamics.

“The decision to allow the CCC candidates to participate in the elections can be seen as a landmark move, potentially broadening the political landscape of the country.

The CCC, being the main challenger to the ruling party, will now have a fair chance to contest the elections and possibly bring about a significant shift in Zimbabwe’s political scene” an analyst has said.

The general election is due on August 23.

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