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Tunis fashion show for cancer patients

Female cancer patients dazzle patrons on a catwalk in Tunis. With their colorful dresses, the platform was to help address misconceptions about cancer in Tunisia.

Ten women and girls were serenaded by a violinist as they strut the runway on Sunday November 3.

“First the idea aims to show that women are strong and illness can’t stop them from achieving the things that they want to do and that illness is just a phase that will pass. We all know that women who undergo chemo-therapy are tired, they lose their hair, and their eyes are tired because of the side effects so we want to get them out of that phase, we wanted to have a special day just for them, where everyone can watch them and see how beautiful they are”, said Syrin Zwari, President of Rotaract Tanit Carthage club.

We wanted to have a special day just for them, where everyone can watch them and see how beautiful they are.

Syrine Khmisi is receiving treatment for the illness. She wants people to change the way they see cancer.

“When I was sick, I wanted to go out and be beautiful and to be happy with myself. I wanted to go to people and tell that that I’m sick and for everybody to know about it. I want to send a positive message, I want people to change the way how they see cancer because it is not fatal if we know how to deal with it, and how to recover”, she said.

Patrons came in their numbers to lend a hand of support.

“You have to be strong and you need to talk. I don’t have to be scared of this illness because it’s just a disease like any other one. You just need to be around family, friends and everyone who loves you. You must think about the future, you don’t have to think that you are suffering and you are going to die. You must have hope, alway”, Adnen an attendee said.

Tunisia’s health ministry pegs the number of cancer related deaths to around 10,800.

It lists cancer as the second major cause of death with 1,500 women diagnosed with breast cancer in the country every year.


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