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The Stinkingly Corrupt AG Malami Versus SaharaReporters… Let’s Go There! By Bayo Oluwasanmi

Attorney-General Abubakar Malami (SAN) wrote his Fulani kinsman Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, to arrest SaharaReporters Publisher, Omoyele Sowore, over the newspaper reports exposing his corruption-induced lifestyle.

As reported in SaharaReporters on July 18, 2020, the letter states inter alia “… you are hereby issued a seven-day ultimatum to retract all the libellous and criminally defamatory publications, and cause to be issued a public apology to be published on your platform and on the front page of three newspapers with nationwide circulation for three consecutive days failing which we shall be left with no other option than to allow the law to take its course against your organization.”

The role of the Attorney-General is to uphold the rule of law, to represent the best interests of Nigeria, and to pursue justice. The Attorney-General is the chief attorney for Nigeria. He is not the attorney for Aso Rock or for the Fulanis. He is to prosecute criminals and not be a criminal himself.

In a civilized nation with civilized jurisprudence, by now, Malami would be in jail for all the corruption unearthed by SaharaReporters against him. But this is Nigeria a country governed by thieves and lunatics.

Malami’s tenure has been marked by a disturbing mix of corruption, incompetence, and selective justice. He has installed two systems of justice in the country- one for the south and another for the north with the north being superior to the south. Malami once declared Amotekun in the southwest illegal and unconstitutional. Whereas, HISBAH and JTF in the North are legal and constitutional. Miyetti Allah is a legal organization, but IPOB is labelled terrorist group.

At every opportunity, Malami has managed to rewrite the Constitution and redefine our laws: RUGA, court orders on bail, supremacy of SSS/DSS over the laws of the land, the illegal detention of Nigerians. The list goes on.

Majority of people who come to see a psychiatrist are suffering from either a neurosis or a character disorder. These two conditions are disorders of responsibility and as such they are opposite styles of relating to the world and its problems. In the case of Malami, he suffers from a character disorder. People who are afflicted with a character disorder assume not enough responsibility. When they are in conflict with the world, they assume the world is at fault.

Malami is in conflict with SaharaReporters. He automatically assumes that SaharaReporters and Sowore are to blame for exposing his corruption, hence he wants the IGP to arrest Sowore and threatens to sue SaharaReporters. Malami’s subterfuge is a sickening diversion to cover up his crime. Rather than resign on grounds of corruption and incompetence and turn himself in for arrest and prosecution, he is threatening fire and brimstone.

As Attorney General, strong character is necessary to sustain a strong conduct. Malami’s mediocre qualification and character flaws mean his sense of worth is missing. He lacks purpose, credence, probity, and competence. It is sad to note that the justice department has been a holding tank for low performing Fulani miscreants.

Malami believes the best way to administer justice in the country is to harass, intimidate, and arrest critics. He believes is above the law and he can loot the treasury at will. As to his threats to Sowore and SaharaReporters, I dare say make my day… Let’s go there!

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