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The Departure Of Olajide Sowore (Dr. Mamiye): A Great Loss To Kiribo, Apoi, Ese-Odo LGA Ondo State And Nigeria At Large, By Irinyemi Ayeomo Imoleayo

His departure came as such a shock.

Dr. Mamiye has left us at too young an age but will be remembered fondly for all that he accomplished in such a short life.

Something life transforming has happened to us. Our government failed us in terms of everything including insecurity.

Yet it is impossible for us remain mute …so I offer these thoughts of outreach to everyone in Nigeria.

It was so sad to read the death News of Olajide sowore popularly known as Dr. Mamiye alashe oranmiyan in our community Olajide in its own definition is a man of simplicity and generosity the exit of Mamiye soul we lost is due to the incompetence of the old rulers in this country in terms of insecurity.

There is sadness and grief at the loss we feel – so shocking in its horror, and so gripping in its connection to each of us

There is anger and  a rage that wants justice  for the death of our brother Olajide sowore and many others who lost their life due to the insecurity in Nigeria. This is a time of wanting to be able to reach out, to everyone – to relieve the hurt of those afflicted, and, as our anger rises, to smite those who have brought down this terrible administration

There is admiration for the courage of those who lost friends, loved ones, family, as they struggle through the long, aching and all-consuming moments that have become the present measure of their lives

For many of us, perhaps most of us, there is the awakened sense of personal vulnerability – that the distant insecurity we read about in our everyday newspaper can now become a terror we experience in our daily lives

Now we all live in a scary different place with a different sense of vulnerability, a diminished sense of security and the frightening knowledge of a tectonic blow to our  hope for this Noble country

With rare exceptions, our nation has been  free from  Herdsmen, Bandit and Boko Haram attack and violence for nearly 5 and above years. Now we have lost, if not our innocence, perhaps our sense of invulnerability.

And while it may be time that we lost Olajide sowore in kiribo community , we recognize that the daily killings of the innocent by Herdsmen, Bandits and Boko Haram in this country are our dangers also now.

The randomness of these deaths also is unsettling, reminding us, as it does, of both our personal and our national insecurity.

There is a sense we all share, not only of the horror and tragedy of the past days, but of something new and frightening – something that may not have touched most of us directly, but that we sense could touch us all. It is new, it is deadly, it is random and it lives in the dark shadows of anonymity.

In a time of Colonia masters, perhaps the greatest our Nigeria has known our past heroes fought and gained freedom, we can do this again by coming together in one voice and fight the clueless, tyrant, selfish and blood tasty administration with this we can decide to live more consciously, more fully, more richly we can give our personal vow in tribute to those whose lives were so cruelly cut short because of the insecurity in the country

We become slave when we keep mute on oppression let arise and reclaim this country before it gets too late.

Sourced From Sahara Reporters

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