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Strengthening Gender Mainstreaming in Kenya’s energy sector

What: Webinar – Strengthening Gender Mainstreaming in Kenya’s energy sector
Who: African Development Bank, Climate Investment Funds and ENERGIA
When: Thursday 25 February, 14:00-15:30 (GMT+3)
Where: Virtual

The African Development Bank, ENERGIA (International Network on Gender and Sustainable Energy) and the Climate Investment Funds developed the Gender and Sustainable Energy Kenya brief in November 2020. According to the brief, Kenya shows great progress in integrating gender into energy policies and programs. However, there is further need for gender-disaggregated data for impact assessments as well as monitoring, learning and evaluation systems and a thorough evaluation of the affordability and sustainability of energy connections in order to strengthen gender inclusion.

Based on an in-depth review of policy documents and consultations with key stakeholders, the brief aims to provide policymakers and practitioners with recommendations to effectively integrate gender in energy planning, implementation and monitoring. The brief recognizes the need to mainstream gender in the energy sector and to integrate COVID-19 recovery plans, and presents key data, an overview of gender and energy targets as well as an analysis of barriers and opportunities.

Session overview

Energy is critical for achieving many of the sustainable development goals (SDGs), including reducing poverty, inequality and exposure to household pollution. Women and men have disparate access to energy and energy services, as well as use of and control over these resources. For women and men to benefit equally from energy access, a gender lens needs to be applied to all policies, programs and projects. The webinar will highlight opportunities and challenges to ensuring that women’s interests and priorities are reflected in energy-related investments and national planning.



African Development Bank Group

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