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Revolution “The Last Boat Of Salvation For Nigerians” By E.d Adegoke


“The Man dies in all who keeps silent in the face of tyranny” Said Professor Wole soyinka. Many Nigerians do not understand the term “Revolution” as many perceive the word to mean threat just has as being portrayed by their government. Haven’t said of how so many Youths see their fellow Youths in the Revolutionary line as gangs of young people with no dreams going astray, but little do they know that these are people who’ve chosen to give their lives for something, something true, long and lasting, something that doesn’t move alot of Nigerians, I’ve come to realize that we’ve Three categories of Nigerians. First are the Smart monkeys messing around with another monkey’s banana “The politicians”. Second are the ones who knows the truth but due to what their benefits and gains are tied to, they remain silent and the last ones are the Utopian citizens, the ones who never see anything wrong with the Nigerian economy, these are the sets of people who keeps telling you that “Nigeria is still better” imagine, This has been the anthem for years. The Great Afro beats Music legend and human rights activist “Fela Anikulapo kuti” once said in one of his most popular tracks that “Suffer suffer suffer for world Na your fault be that” This is no doubt as we all know that our beloved country Nigeria is still like this because we’ve accepted our fate, The Nigerian Youths has a long role to play, haven’t said that the Youths are the most important and dynamic segment of the population in any country. It is believed that developing countries with large youth population could see tremendous growth, provided they invest in young people’s education, health and protect and guarantee their rights. It is no doubt to say that today’s Young are tomorrow’s innovators, Creators, builders and leaders but things aren’t like that in here in Nigeria, The government has failed to invest in its Youths, leaving them to their faith like bananas, I’d come to assumption that there’s no place for our dreams, More than 50% of Youths in Nigeria are Political thugs, their destinies have been pragmented into what the so called Politicians wants leaving so many of these young men roaming on the streets, homeless, ruthless and very dangerous with purpose or drive at all. It is a necessity for the Youths of this Nation to pick up a Revolutionary mindset as it is all for their biggest benefits. Here we’d talk about the Revolutionary Youths of South Africa and the role they played in supporting Mandela in the era of the Apartheid.

Although its creation predated apartheid, the African National Congress (ANC) became the primary force in opposition to the government after its moderate leadership was superseded by the organisation’s more radical Youth League (ANCYL) in 1949. Led by Walter Sisulu, Nelson Mandela and Oliver Tambo, elected to the ANC’s National Executive that year, the ANCYL advocated a radical black nationalist programme that combined the Africanist ideas of Anton Lembede with those of Marxism. They brought the notion that white authority could only be overthrown through mass campaigns. The ideals of the ANC and ANCYL are stated in the ANC official web site and state, concerning the “Tripartite Alliance”, “The Alliance is founded on a common commitment to the objectives of the National Democratic Revolution, and the need to unite the largest possible cross-section of South Africans behind these objectives. This cites the actionable intent, their goal to end oppression.

“Some privileged rulers or Political racketeers may call us dreamers but we are sure that our dreams of today will be the law of tomorrow because the future lies on the side of the oppressed masses”.

“We Revolutionaries are convinced that when the masses participate in the affairs of state, the struggle against bureaucracy will be more effective, The needs of the population and of the community will be better satisfied”. Who doesn’t know that our farmers suffer from famine; That our bricklayers sleep in corrugated and detached roofed homes; Our fishermen can not eat fish; And the hunters eat rats while they sell their meat catched to the few rich?

The tailors wear tattered dresses. Nurses and teachers, labourers, Police constables and Non-commissioned officers of our armed forces earn the most miserable pay while middlemen of all sorts make all the dough. Who doesn’t know that most of the people who regard themselves as “Great Nigerians” or “Hard working” people in our country are mere peddlers who are earning their means of livelihood as magicians, retained chiefs, Apostles, court touts, motor park agents, advertisers, snake Chambers, Calabash repairers, emergency suppliers, harlots and the unoccupied senior civil servants, ministers, commissioners and idle military officers?

Is this how a backward Nation like ours can move forward and develop?

It is my serious and humble submission that our country needs proper overhauling from all aspects of Life. Firstly, we need a stable Political life and the only way to get it is to stop money Politics.

Our politicians who buy us with money to get elected will never work for our comfort. They will eventually trade with our horrible fate and use our votes to make more money for themselves and their families. Excessively rich people never really appreciate the problems of the poor because they never know that the masses are even suffering in any way. We need to identify the politicians who have the genuine ideas and honest concern for the problems of our suffering masses.

Gentlemen, The solution to our problem is in our own hands and the job is not as bony as people think. Some people even have the wrong impression that our country is hard to rule, haven’t discussed about the people who talk about change but never believe in it, and so Many with the paralyzed perspective that Nigeria can never change, and alot believing that Nigeria will change without making any move at all, doing nothing about it at all and not realizing the fact that it is a collective responsibility for us to birth the kind of Nation we’ve always dreamed about.

“The world is in a condition of headlong change and all mankind is moving towards broadening horizons. The socialist Revolution which have been spreading to some African countries will eventually engulf Nigeria. No force can stop it.

Right now, the Revolution is gathering strength for the final, liberating convulsion as we can already see political and ideological forces in our country jostling in a complex pattern. And when the Revolution finally comes, all the present stuffy paraphernalia surrounding the governmental administration will cease; because in the Revolutionary Nigeria there will be no high and low classes of people; there will be no special and common is in this Revolutionary Nigeria that the common Man will have a relevant place”.


                                                                                                                             E.d Adegoke


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