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My list of great men every African should know about


This contradiction – of lamenting for boys but not wanting to do anything about it while blaming others for not doing it – is the dilemma of male supremacy. But since no one will listen to me saying that we need to transform our society so that our boys can thrive, I’ve decided to go on the offensive and draw up a list of those whom I consider to be men that every African should know about. (Note the word “consider”: it’s just an opinion). These are my criteria for real manhood:




So here’s my list:









The men on this list are not perfect. And that’s precisely the point. We need to teach about people who are more human so that our youth know the power of hope and of education. That’s why I didn’t put Jesus and the saints like Martin Luther King on my list.

I hope Kenyans reading this list will not settle for criticizing it for including or not including so-and-so. Draw up your own list, mentor and educate with it, get to the bookshops, surf the net, educate yourself and read to others. Don’t sit back and blame women activists for what you should be doing yourself. The men on my list recognized that people must be constantly educated, and education was not just about schooling but also about reading and critical thinking for life. And they knew that people lead as good as they read.

Source: Zeleza Post

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