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Most Anticipated Albums in Nigeria dropping in Q2 and Q3 2022

In the first quarter of 2022, the Nigerian music industry has seen album releases from Adekunle Gold, Rema, BOJ, Santi, Obong Jayar, Victony, amongst many others. These projects enjoyed varying degrees of reception and success and while the artists aren’t done pushing their projects just yet, there colleagues who are yet to drop are putting finishing torches to their albums which is set to drop in the second and third quarters of 2022.

If you have enjoyed the albums released in the first quarter of 2022, you should prepare yourself because there is more to come. Here is a list of the most anticipated album of the second and third quarters you should look out for.


Title: “God’s Timing’s the Best (GTTB)”

Release Date: May 30, 2022

Label: My Type Of Music

Indigenous rapper and street pop king Naira Marley is set to release his debut album after almost a decade in the game. The album titled “God’s Timing’s the Best” pretty much gauges Naira Marley’s state of mind as to the timing and essence of the album. Renowned for his hitmaking ability and taste for overtly lewd and obscene music, Naira already lived up to this reputation in the four build up singles to the album. The Marlian President understands his audience and he doesn’t hesitate to give them what they want. Fans shouldn’t expect “GTTM” to be any different.

Title: “Bahd”

Release Date: 9th June, 2022

Label: TBD

Falz is one of Afrobeats most talented act with an infectious personality that transcends, music. Since gracing the scene, Falz has established himself as a distinctive artist whose art carries a reflection of the maker. His ability to make music that cuts across gender, demography, and strata makes him special. Whether he is making owambe jams, deploying beguiling wordplay laced with sexual innuendos, or delivering a passionate recital that captures Nigeria’s social cultural reality, Falz always deliver.

After two years since his thought provoking and award winning album “Moral Instruction” Falz is set to release his fifth studio album he tags “Bahd”. Famously called has Falz d Bahd Guy, calling his album “Bahd” suggests Falz wants to showcase another side of his multi-talented persona. in “Moral instruction,” listeners were exposed to Falz, the social commentator and self-conscious prophet. Perhaps “Bahd” could be an introduction to Falz, the smooth rapping, calm, sophisticated, rich and charming guy. Whatever it may be, Falz knows how to deliver and that’s all that matters.


Title: “Boy Alone”

Release Date: June 24, 2022

Label: KeyQaad

Not many artists are as effortlessly talented and widely loved as Omah Lay. Since making his mark in the industry in 2020 with his EP “Get Layd,” Omah Lay has established himself has one of Nigeria’s biggest music stars. With a debut album much overdue, Omah Lay is finally telling his story with “Boy Alone” which is set to drop on June 24, 2022. According to Omah Lay, “Boy Alone” was his father’s name and it means “Na Only Me Dey My Lane”. Given the talent he possesses and the standard he has set for himself, a lot will be expected from Omah Lay’s debut album. The three lead up tracks displayed promise but fans will be hoping this is just a tip of the iceberg.


Title: “Love, Damini”

Release Date: July 1, 2022

Label: Spaceship Entertainment Ltd

Global dominating, multi-award winning, and record breaking artist Burna Boy is set to release his 6th studio album which will be his third album in 4 years. According to Burna Boy, “Love Damini” is a personal body of works that captures the different highs and lows of his interesting career. Burna Boy teased the album during his just concluded world tour and he already released two singles off the 19-track album. Burna Boy has a distinct record for outdoing himself and there’s absolutely no reason anyone should expect otherwise.

Title: “More Love, Less Ego (MLLE)”

Release Date: Likely 3rd Quarter

Label: TBD

Wizkid has seen it all, done it all, and won it all in the music industry. Haven reached the pinnacle of his career, Wizkid believes it’s time for more love and less ego and that’s what he calls his fifth studio album. His last album “Made In Lagos (MIL)” was a huge success and Wizkid has the enviable yet demanding job create a better album than “MIL”. (MLLE) is expected to drop at some point in the third quarter of 2022 and fans will be eager to see what comes next after the success of “MIL” and if “MLLE” can do for Wizkid what “Twice as Tall” did for Burna Boy.


Title: “Playboy”

Release Dates: Likely 3rd Quarter


When people say the future of Afrobeats is not only in good hands, the future holds promise of greater things to come, it’s artists like Fireboy that inspires such belief. Since making his debut with “Laughter, Tears, & Goosebumps (LGT)” in 2019, Fireboy has established himself as one of the most richly talented and artistically unique music acts in Nigeria. Just barely three years in the industry, Fireboy has two hugely successful albums, an international hit, and a solid reputation as a music star. Fireboy is set to consolidate his status as a generational talent with his third album “Playboy” which is billed for the third quarter of 2022. After recording impressive success with “LGT” and “Apollo” Fireboy intends to achieve a trifecta with “Playboy” and given his talent, nothing should stand in his way.

Title: “Bad Since 97”

Release Date: Likely 3rd Quarter


BNXN FKA BUJU is one of Afrobeats most sought after voices. In the past year, BNXN has featured on multiple tracks and albums where he put up a mesmerizing display of vocals and depth. His debut EP “Sorry I’m Late” failed to live up to the standard BNXN has set on his numerous appearances as a featured artists. The EP didn’t do for BNXN what it was intended to achieve and it had fans questioning the rising star’s ability to do it alone. The answer to this question is “Bad Since 97” which is BNXN’s debut album set to be released in the third quarter of 2022. BNXN will relish the chance to prove his mettle through an unrestrictive outlet like an LP. And fans will be eager to see how BNXN intends to convey convincing proof of his ability.

Title: “To Be Honest”

Release Date: Likely 3rd Quarter

Label: TBD

Simi’s captivating voice might have won her the hearts of many but it’s the quality of her music that have won her the respect of fans and colleagues. The Record of the Year winner is set to release a new album she calls “To Be Honest”. The album set for the third quarter of 2022 will be Simi’s fourth solo studio album and fans will be eager to see what Simi has in store.


Title: “Afro Classic”

Release Date: Likely 3rd Quarter


Kizz Daniel is one of Nigeria’s most reliable artist and last year he set the music on fire with the release of his EP “Barnabas”. The intention according to Kizz Daniel was to release an album but that planed was disrupted by Coiid. Kizz Daniel settled for a 7-track EP he calledBarnabas“. The was positively received and widely celebrated. in the third quarter of 2022, Kizz Daniel is expected to revisit his pan for an album by releasing his “Afro Classic”. With the success of “Barnabas EP” fans will be salivating at the prospect of a longer and better version of “Baranabas.”


Title: “Signs”

Release Date: Likely 3rd Quarter

Label: TBD

Runtown is a Nigerian music act that is in a league of his own. With several hits under his belt, Runtown is one of Nigeria’s most unique and stylish music acts. After a prolong absence from the music scene, Runtown is set to make his come back with “Signs”. Fans will be delighted at the prospect of new music from Runtown who will also be glad to remind listeners of his special ability.


Title: TBA

Release Date: Likely Quarter 3


MI Abaga has said a lot about his forthcoming coming album and what it will do for the revival of Hip Hop in Nigeria. The veteran rapper isn’t the only excited about his next project has fans are also eager to see what MI has lined up. MI Abaga is one of the Nigerian artists that has a knack for making quality albums and his forthcoming album should be expected to be further proof of his genius.


Title: TBA

Release Date: TBA

Label: TBD

Davido is one of the greatest acts to ever grace the Nigerian and African music scene. He has achieved all there is to be achieved for any artists and perhaps the only thing missing is a unanimously accepted album. Davido has three albums to his credit all housing intercontinental smash hits. However, none of these albums possesses a level of quality that has unconvincingly swayed opinion in its favor. Perhaps Davido knows this and while he doesn’t have anything to prove, he intends to create an album that will stand the test of time and consolidate his legacy. Davido’s next album which he says is ready should drop in the third quarter of the year. The album will be key in showcasing that there’s no limit to what 001 can do.

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