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Michael Sata seeks official apology from Malawi – Said to boycott COMESA summit



Sata was quoted by Nation On Sunday as saying he told Malawian ambasdor David Bandawe in Lusaka that he would not come to Malawi to attend the COMESA heads of state summit in Lilongwe from 14-15 October, citing Malawi had never explained to him nor apologised why he was deported.

“Your Excellency, you fully know the dilemma in which I am .Your government for no apparent reason, just because I was in Blantyre to meet Malawi’s former president Bakili Muluzi, bundled me in a Land Rover and drove me to the Zambian border,” Sata is said to have told Bandawe when he went to state house in Lusaka to deliver a letter of congratulations and of inviting him to the summit.

He said he find it “extremely difficult to go to Malawi…what if a junior immigration officer wants to embarass me and bundle me in a vehicle?”, Sata is said to have remarked.

Instead, he will send his vice president Guy Scott and several minister to the COMESA summit, he said.

“I would have loved to take this international assignment, unfortunately the people of Zambia were waiting to see what I was deported for,” he added, saying he would formally respond to Bandawe’s letter in which he hoped it was going to contain the apology—AGV.

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