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Meet this Nigerian artist, his parents actually named him Stainless: He speaks about Davido, Chris Brown, Bankulli and more

That experience allowed him to be open, independent and adaptive to different situations. He’s the last child of three from his mom’s side, and he studied Business in college.

Now back in Lagos, Stainless has established his reputation as a musician to look out for. First coming to mainstream attention with ‘Fiona,‘ a euphonious Amapiano-influenced track that talked about his attraction to a love interest. He’s followed this up with ’12 A.M,’ channeling the sonic wanderlust of listening to a variety of music growing up.

He also works with renowned Grammy-nominated A&R, Bankulli and celebrated Nigerian superproducer, Shizzi.

Pulse recently caught up with him and this is what he had to say;

Pulse: How did you discover music and does your brother still make music?

Stainless: God called me for this, because I used to be the drummer boy for my church and at the time. My brother, Filon Jay was heavily into music: he sold out shows and won awards.

So as a kid, I would watch how the crowd would response to his songs, and it made me want to start something. One day I was listening to Wizkid and ‘Holla At Your Boy’ and I just started writing my own verse to it and that’s how it started and yes he still does.

Pulse: What made you decide to take music seriously as a career and when did you take it seriously?

Stainless: I started taking it seriously little by little when I would perform for people and then they would love it and call me back to perform. But I really took it seriously after I opened up for Chris brown and Davido.

Pulse: Describe your music in a few words?

Stainless: Soulful, raw, smooth and sweet.

Pulse: How did you get to open for Davido and Chris Brown and what did it change for you?

Stainless: My brother actually made that happen. He contacted the event planner, Duke Osita Ogeh and told him about me. He was interested and the rest was history.

Pulse: What made you move back to Lagos when others are moving out?

Stainless: I don’t know, I just knew I had to be here because making the music I was making felt restricted. I couldn’t really promote it or do anything with it, and it just made sense to be in the scene where the music connects with my people.

Pulse: When did your family move out of Nigeria and how was that experience for you?

Stainless: I don’t really remember the exact year, but it was between 2009 and 2011. At the time, I loved it because I was ready for a change in environment. But it took a while to adjust but it was fun.

Pulse: Tell us about your debut EP?

Stainless: The title of my EP is In My Head. It’s a collection of my thoughts and also a blend of different elements and sounds, filled with soul, experiences and confidence. And it navigates the complexities of love and life experiences .

Pulse: Describe the topics you discussed on it?

Stainless: In the EP I touched on my experiences, my life, heartbreak and love.

Pulse: What does the rest of 2021 and 2022 hold for you?

Stainless: I have a lot in store, more music and shows etc.

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