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Lyrics to Rema’s new song, ‘Woman’ has got Nigerians talking

Next-rated singer and performer, Rema has got everyone talking following the latest song he dropped for his fans and followers.

While there are a lot of things to talk about from the song which he used as a message to tell fans how much he loves women, fans are particularly concerned about the lyrics of the song which contained quite a number of words that were not very clear to fans.

Taking to Twitter, Rema and his song are trending and fans are calling him out for his lyrics even as other fans appreciated the song adding that it was something they could relate to.

Many of his fans drew attention to his earlier hits like Dumebi where the singer did repeat a bunch of words that many of his fans failed to understand. They also shared videos of Rema saying that at some point, he didn’t know what he was saying. Fans expressed their concerns about it, as they also took a swipe at many Nigerian artists who are fond of saying things people rarely understand.

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While many also pointed out that the singer is talented, they stressed that he needs to invest in his lyrical contents, stressing that the part of him saying random things is getting old and painful to hear.

While some users shared that he is only following and copying the footsteps of artists before him, they also pointed out that there is no certain universal language for music.

Rema, however, was not silent after being backlashed as he replied to them on Twitter, explaining that some of the lyrics of his songs are from his local language. He added that he will always be unapologetic for tapping into his heritage in the making of his songs.

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