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KFC proposal: South Africans support couple’s wedding dream

South Africans have shown love to a newly engaged couple offering to support them have a wedding of their dreams.

It started after a video showing a man proposing to a woman at a KFC restaurant went viral on social media.

In the viral video the man was seen kneeling on the floor and presenting a ring to his partner over dinner at a KFC restaurant.

KFC South Africa then shared the video and asked for help in finding the couple.

The hashtag #KFCProposal has since been trending with ordinary South Africans helping to support the couple’s wedding.

South African social media users have already donated everything needed to make this dream wedding possible.

Some of the items donated for the wedding include food, outfits, entertainment and even a place for their honeymoon.

Many South Africans have been excited about the out-pour of love for the couple.


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