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Internationally Recognized Musician On A Mission In Liberia To Scout Talented Artist – Front Page Africa

MONROVIA – Al Johnson is a native-born Liberian who has created for himself a career path in music and his alliance with some of the biggest stars in America and Africa has paved his way through the Musical industry linking him with some of the biggest in the   industry.

 He believe his connections is an asset for all Liberia upcoming artist to tapped into and make themselves known in the world. He has given his fair appreciation of the talents local artist have but believe they have been kept down the ladder because they have not had the right platform to promote their songs.

Alphonso Johnson CEO of LIBMUZIK Records too has his story about how his struggled in the industry. He too like many African and Liberian artist have tasted disappointment but it didn’t discourage him for pursuing a career in Music.

His resilience has led him up to a level to rubbed shoulders with some of the top African American stars including Akon. He is the manager of Liberia’s US base musician D12 popular in Liberia by his song “Born to win”.

Johnson is a native Liberian who has spent most of his life in the US. His passion is music. He is currently in Liberia and wants to give back to his native country by promoting local stars through his connections. He believe this country is endowed with potential stars with unimaginable talents who can become millionaires just from their talents if they are given the right platform.

“I am in Liberia most specifically to brand Liberian Music. I am looking for talents, I am looking for the best Liberia has to offer. Music has been my passion throughout my life. I want to be able to help people so that they can grow up to help others.”

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Johnson and D12 are currently working on a collabo with Boniface and Nigerian Flavor on a song   record “change my story”. The Music video is expected to be shot in Nigeria. Part of his vision for Liberian is to undertake such initiative with many other talented local artists.

“They have talents but they don’t have the outside platform to get their music to the world and that is why we have come to help because we have the connections and platform with some of the best records signing agencies in the world.

“These kids in Liberia should be millionaires if they have the platform to promote their music it’s not because of the population. My job is to help them make their music popular. They have talents as their Nigerian counterpart.

“I want to know what I can do to help. My advice to local musicians is that don’t stop recording record until you hit I know it’s discouraging at times you record and your song doesn’t hit but I encourage to   keep recording.

 Johnson vision is to build a modern multi-purpose recording studio in Liberia. “The first money from this project will go to the first recording studio and you wouldn’t have to go to the US to record your Music.”

Johnson arrived in the Country on April 26, 2021. He was born and raised in Brewerville, Montserrado County and He moved to the US in the 90s. He is commonly referred to as Al in the movie & music industries for his exceptional talents.

Mr. Al Johnson is accompanied by His fiancée and partner along with his publicist

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