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Insecurity/Corruption: Why The Madness Of Education Abroad For ‘Repentant Terrorists’? By Jumu’ah Abiodun

“Should the bill to grant “repentant” terrorists education abroad scale through the Nigerian Senate, US, UK, Canada, EU, Australia and selected Africa countries will unquestionably ban Nigeria from both immigrant and non-immigrant visas in light of the fact that no sensible government will open its borders for terrorists, ‘repentant’ or not.”

The President Muhammadu Buhari administration in its blatant lies told the world that closure of the borders has reduced insecurity drastically due to containment of the inflow of ammunition through the borders yet Boko Haram is executing Nigerians like chicken consistently.

On Sunday, January 26, 2020, the Boko Haram sect killed 4, and injured many more in twin suicide bomb attacks at a mosque in Gwoza, Borno state.

Sunday, February 9, 2020, Boko Haram killed at least 30 people while sleeping, destroyed 18 vehicles, abducted women and children in the attack which took place in Auno town on a major highway in Borno State.

A few hours after President Muhammadu Buhari’s condolence visit to Maiduguri on Wednesday, February 12, 2020, over the killing on Sunday of 30 people on Auno town, Boko Haram made a push for the troubled town.

The insurgents at about 7 pm attacked Jiddari Polo, on the outskirts of Maiduguri, causing many residents to flee from the town.

The Buhari government keeps lying over and over again, said that the Islamists sect have technically been defeated however the killings continue.

One could remember vividly when President Buhari came to power in 2015; he pledged to more than 180 million Nigerians that he would crush the insurgents.

The no 4 agenda of the Buhari administration manifesto on Politics and Governance is to prevent the abuse and misuse of Executive, Legislative and Public offices, through greater accountability, transparency, strict, and implementable anti-corruption laws; through the strengthening and sanitising the Economic and Financial Crime Commission, EFCC and Independent Corrupt Practices Commission, ICPC as independent entities.

From the above paragraph alone, it is clear that President Buhari used deception to gain power in 2015; no government in Nigeria since the return of democracy has ever abused and misused the power of the Executive branch of government like Buhari. During this present administration, there has never been regard for the rule of law and a glaring example of that is illegal detention of ex-National Security Adviser, Col. Sambo Dasuki, for years, despite various court rulings that granted bail to him.

The administration also detained the publisher of Sahara Reporters and Convener of Revolution Now, Mr Omoyele Sowore and his colleagues for months, despite different courts rulings on their release, Buhari refused to order his men to release them. Dasuki, Sowore and his men were released on 2019 Christmas Eve.

“I will push for more robust support in the Security and Economic stability of the West-African sub-region and African Continent as a whole. I will seek and maintain a close and frank relationship with all West-Africa; Special relationship with South Africa and its Sub-region, United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, European Union, Asia, and the Middle East, “, Buhari said during electioneering campaigns.

‘Sai Baba’ as popularly known before he assumed office in 2015 also promised to push for support in the Security and Economic stability of our country. Instead of doing that, Buhari closed the borders which ultimately enriched his people in the north.

His negligence on security also led to the immigrant visa ban on Nigeria by the US government.

Either via Private member or Executive bill, a bill that will permit ‘repentant’ Boko Haram members who have killed over 35, 000 Nigerians, rendered more than two million homeless and hundreds have been abducted in the conflict to study abroad has now passed the first reading. The Islamists sects, Boko Haram means ‘Education is Forbidden’, so why the stupidity of education abroad especially for Boko Haram adherents?

“Should the bill to grant “repentant” terrorists education abroad scale through the Nigerian Senate, US, UK, Canada, EU, Australia and selected Africa countries will unquestionably ban Nigeria from both immigrant and non-immigrant visas in light of the fact that no sensible government will open its borders for terrorists, ‘repentant’ or not.”

“Common sense is not common, being a professor doesn’t mean you won’t be selfish or lack knowledge of what your people want, having 109 senators at the red chamber, none of them think of the ramifications of sending terrorists abroad for education. Ostensibly after graduation, one of them could end up most likely as an Osama bin Laden.”

This is crystal clear, we all know that average northerner cannot even write their name talk less to comprehend what education is about.

Our “Mr Integrity” also promised to amend the Constitution to remove immunity from prosecution for elected officers criminal cases.

A government which campaigned to fight corruption is now found to energize corruption. Under the Buhari watch, the then Secretary to the Government of Federation, Babachir Lawal, was sacked due to his role in a multimillion naira grass-cutting scam contract at the Internally Displaced Persons, IDP camps.

His Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari was also accused of N500m bribery allegation from MTN and another N29.9m contract scam.

President Buhari who was known to be a poor man with many cows before he assumed office; where on earth his son Yusuf got the money to buy power-bikes worth $157, 000.00.

In 2018, his minister of state transport (Aviation) now Minister of Aviation, Senator Hadi Sirika, and his team arrived in London to launch the ‘dead on arrival’ Nigeria Air. Sirika is accused of siphoning over N1.2b on a phoney Nigeria Air project, which was eventually suspended by the federal government.

Mr Integrity nominated and appointed former Akwa Ibom state governor, Godswill Akpabio, who was charged for N108bn fraud as a Minister of the Niger Delta. The EFCC is investigating allegations that the former governor, embezzled the fund during his tenure between 2007 and 2015. This led EFCC to have written to five banks demanding information on Akwa Ibom State finances under Akpabio’s administration. He’s currently enjoying immunity under the party of “saints”, All Progressives Congress.

In spite of Buhari administration acclaimed anti-corruption posture, the trended video of Gov Abdullahi Ganduje’s bribe video scandal in the last quarter of 2018 where he was caught collecting large chunk of US dollars from undisclosed associate.

Another of his allies who is not left out on the list is a former governor of Rivers State and presently Minister of Transport, Rotimi Amaechi, who was accused of alleged misappropriation of N97bn through the sale of the state valued assets.

These are a few among very many corruption cases of “Mr Integrity’s” allies and party chieftains.

I think President Buhari should sit and look back at how he has ruined this country with his incompetence and his fake and lopsided anti-corruption crusade. We are certainly not deceived.

Jumu’ah Abiodun is a journalist based in Lagos, Nigeria

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