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Hot legs S’Africa: I fall in love with Nigeria because of Nollywood

Amanda Maluleke is the recently crowned winner of the famous Miss Hotlegs South Africa. The 21-year-old, who hails from Tzaneen in South Africa is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Law at the University of South Africa. In this interview with IFEOMA ONONYE, the Beauty Queen, whose home language is Tsonga, says she plans on working on a pet project that would help reduce the increasing rate of rape in high schools in South Africa and how Nollywood made her love Nigeria

Congratulations for winning the Miss Hot Legs South Africa. When you were announced as the winner, tell us how you felt?

I was so nervous. I didn’t even think I would win the title but regardless, I gave it my all. I was teary and excited after being crowned the Queen or rather, let me say as Miss Hotlegs SA 2021 as I had just experienced the result of my hard work.

At the beginning when you signed up for the Beauty Contest, after seeing how gorgeous other girls were, did you believe you stood a chance to win the crown?

The minute I saw the poster of the pageant, I immediately knew this was meant

for me. As much as I have been entering local pageants, I wanted to challenge myself and do something different, hence, I saw this as an opportunity to prove myself how much potential I have. Being shortlisted as a semi-finalist and a finalist was proof that I was one step closer to the title.

All the girls that I was shortlisted with were so amazingly beautiful and of course, had the Hotlegs but I never doubted myself. I believed in myself and with all the confidence that I had I knew all the hard work I put through was about to pay off.

Was there any down moments in the competition for you?

Yes, there were down moments in the competition for me. There was boot camp and pre-judging before the finale and I was so nervous. At some point, I even felt like this was too much but fortunately, I have friends and family, who always reminded me that I needed to live in faith and to be honest, that really kept me going.

Did you at any point in the contest feel shy or that you were not enough?

To be honest, I did not feel shy at all but I did feel like I was not enough and I think the reason behind this was that I feared competition. However, I’m so glad I overcame it.

African parents always have this over protection of their girl child. Some don’t like their young girls taking part in Beauty Contests because they believe they will get too exposed. Did your parents support your signing up for the competition?

My parents believe in supporting what makes one happy and in this case, the pageant industry is my happy place. So, they have been amazing and supportive since day one. From wardrobe, tasks, transport and everything I needed for the pageant, they have been providing. I’m really grateful.

Every crowned beauty queen is expected to do something for their immediate society as a pet project or Corporate Social Responsibility. What areas in your South African community do you think need improvement?

I think areas that need improvement in South Africa are primary schools and high schools, not with regards to material things but knowledge. Statistics prove that police registered 10,006 cases of rape between April and June 2021 in South Africa which is very tragic. I firmly believe that preventing sexual violence starts with what we teach young boys.

Girls and women are mostly given advice about rape prevention but unfortunately, we live in a society where violence against women – both in action and in speech – is prevalent, and for that reason, it’s reasonable for those who care about women and girls to worry about their safety.

What are men and boys being taught, as girls are given advice but yet still get violated? 

With the Miss Hot Leg South African crown, will you be representing South Africa in any international beauty contest soon?

Yes, I will be representing South Africa soon.

Tell us about your childhood. What were your dreams back in your high school days?

Were you one of the girls that wanted to be a doctor, Lawyer or Engineer? I mostly dreamt of being a Lawyer, hence I chose to pursue my LLB degree.

What are the fun memories you have of your childhood?

Most of my childhood memories were all about cricket. I was introduced to cricket at an early age of 10. Yes, I was a cricket player and I spent most of my time on the field. Each year, we would go to trials for provincial and in December those who were selected would go to a tournament where all provinces met and those were the best fun memories of my childhood.

After one or two years, you will be handing over the crown to another winner. What vocation or career would you like to go into?

I would really love to go into the entertainment industry to become an actress if ever given the opportunity. As a young lady, I have always dreamt of becoming a TV star. However, if it doesn’t work out, I will still be pursuing my law career

In the past, there has been many fights between Nigerians and South Africans. What are your thoughts on the way forward, considering we are all Africans?

Two hands are better than one. This is proof that we need each other. We are all human, all from the same continent. So, regardless of what happened in the past, we will still have to make ends meet together in the long run. So, I say let’s unite.

Many Nigerians would love to read some of the unique things about South Africa. In a few words, describe the South Africa of your dreams, the South Africa you love that many do not know?

My best description of South Africa would be that it is equivalent to finding a diamond.

We have nine provinces and 11 official languages. You see, in the ever green grassy mountains of Mpumalanga, there is Lisbon falls.

A few kilometers away, we have Mac Mac falls. I can speak volumes about the Kruger National Park and let me not forget ZZ2 hidden in Mooketsi, yet supplies to many other continents.

We are a country that needs deep cleaning so we can indulge in the beauty it offers. We are a partially cleaned diamond. In my dreams, we are fully cleaned and shinny.

Have you ever been to Nigeria? If opportunity comes, would you love to visit Nigeria?

I have never been to Nigeria, let alone been outside South Africa; being exposed to Nollywood made me love Nigeria even more. So, if ever given the opportunity, yes I would really love to visit Nigeria.

Do you listen to Nigerian music? Who is your favourite Nigerian artiste?

I listen to Nigerian music most of the time. My favorite artists are Burna Boy, Tiwa Savage, Davido, Wizkid and Olamide.




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