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Gobeshona Global Conference 2 – Exploring Locally-led Adaptation and Resilience for COP27


Two sessions at the Gobeshona Global Conference 2 – Exploring Locally-led Adaptation and Resilience for COP27


African Development Bank


29 March; 31 March 2022



The African Development Bank Group will host two webinars during the second Gobeshona Global conference taking place from 27 March to 1 April 2022.

The Gobeshona conference, an International Centre for Climate Change and Development event, will be entirely virtual. It will bring together researchers, practitioners, and stakeholders of locally-led adaptation initiatives to focus on learning and measuring the progress of such initiatives at the local, national, and global levels.

On 29 March, the African Development Bank Group and the Global Center on Adaptation will host Africa Adaptation Acceleration ProgramTransformative Adaptation to Accelerate and Scale Climate Action from 14:00 GMT.

Drawing from the IPCC sixth assessment’s latest report on the urgent need for transformative adaptation action, the session will highlight the Africa Adaptation Acceleration Program’s efforts to advance unique, bold and transformative adaptation initiatives within Africa in its priority areas of agriculture, infrastructure, youth, and innovative financing.

The session will also engage climate experts on what needs to be done differently in terms of policy, the enabling environment, financing, community engagement and the involvement of private sector to accelerate and scale climate adaptation in Africa.

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On 31 March, the African Development Bank Group will host Harnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution to build Africa’s climate resilience: practical case studies and experiences. The event, which will take place from 14:00 until 16:00 GMT, will explore ways to leverage the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and related technologies to support existing science, researchers, and practitioners in developing sustainable solutions that build resilience.

Policymakers, development partners, researchers, innovators, and the private sector will discuss trends, challenges, and opportunities for the application of 4IR technologies and innovations in Africa to enhance locally-led adaptation action. Participants will offer recommendations on how to scale up these technologies and innovations.

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